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Strange monsters have invaded Kitty Town. So a young Neko Girl, named JCat (pronounced J C cat) noticed a strange ninja cat in the town. Thinking that this Ninja Cat has something to do with the monsters, JCat has begun to follow, in order to find out what's going on.

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JCat Customize Features


JCat will feature a Customize section. In this section Players will be able to Purchase different customizable parts for the game.

The Currency: The currency used in this section is actually your score. So each time you play the game, rather you complete the entire game or you get that game over sign, you score will be transferred into in game cash where you can buy items in this section.

Here's a list of the customizable sections and what you can do in each one.

Bonus Levels: In this section, players can buy additional levels for the game. One's purchased, players can put the levels in the game or remove them from the game as they see fit.

Items: The items come in 2 different sections. One is the Equip section, the other is the Replacement section.
-Equip Items: These items are equipped to JCat and they are usable through the entire game. They range from Increases in Maximum Health, to a walk through walls item. At first, only one equip item can be used at a time. However, a 2nd slot can be purchased to be used.
-Replacement Items: These items are designed to replace the orbs in the game. Not all items can be used in all areas though. (Boss battles and the Final area being the main ones.) These items range from items to increase your health to shields that can withstand damage, all the way to an invincibility item.

Drop Ratio: The final section is the Drop Ratio section. Here you can purchase different percentages of how often items are dropped by a defeated enemy. Blue hearts(1-ups), Red Hearts(full health restore), and Pink Hearts(one health point) are the items that can be dropped. The default is 0% for each item.

***Some items/names may vary by the time the game is released.

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JCat Demo

JCat Demo


This is a Demo of the JCat game. This is a free version.

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JCKane Creator

93% Complete

Ok, it's me again. Honestly, been having a disappointing time with finishing JCat. From glitches, to can't figure out errors in how to fix things... Even having trouble with other people downloading the Beta for testing and what not.

So I'm going to be taking a break from the game. Due to not just because of being stuck and feels like it's going to take forever to get it done. So no this is not me giving up. This is me post poning the game to work on another one. Because honestly, that's the other reason. See, I want to make this my carreer, developing video games, and while once it starts, no I won't be abondoning projects like this. Just I need to get to a point where I'm living on game profits or at the very least have a job that doesn't stress me out like mine does. And hopefully less hours or what not.

I hope that doesn't make me sound stingy. Because I enjoy game development and it's not all about the money for me. Just I want to get to the point where I can just live on the income.

Thus, I'm working on another game I believe you guys (who actually read this) will also enjoy. It'll be for the Android and I'll be adding information about it on here shortly. Til then, this will be the last game update on here for a bit.

also, I have been thinking on postponing the PC release though also thinking on starting the game from scratch again, but mainly because I think it may fix some of the glitches and things. But that's then. For now, I'm planning to pick up where I left off.

Until next time.

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JCKane Creator

93% Complete

Yes another percent. Honeslty not the final stage of the Final boss but I did knock off adding Saving. This was going to wait til later but I had decieded to go ahead and start the Beta testing. So my Beta Testers have been given their copies of the current Beta and hopefully I'll hear from them soon.

Aside from that, really I've been trying to get out of this slight rut I'm in. More just been wanting to relax. but really, only 7, count them 7! more things to do. So it's exciting.

However I've still been having a few problems. 1 of which is a minigame randomly started crashing the game when it gets past the '3,2,1 go' part. So yeah, I'll have to look into it more because I say random because litterally it just started having the problem as I had ran it before. and it's not giving an 'error in code' message, no, it flat out sends a 'game has crashed' message. Not sure why but I'll look into it. I do have a slight idea but we'll see.

Until then I'll be working on it later as I get up. Pending on when me and my friend start another project.

As for the 'release date' Again I'm still hoping for July 10th.. but it may go past sadly. But I can garuntee that the game will be out for PC this year. (Well, however I figure out how to sell it. Because who knows how long Steam will take to Greenlight it :P )

But that's it for this update. Til next time.

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JCKane Creator

92% Complete

Yep, one more percent closer to completion. You may notice the time difference... 6 days. But honestly that's because I've been slightly messing with Music for the game plus ways to start my company. All works in progress sad to say.

Aside from that, I'm working tonight (as of this post) the next stage of the final boss. So that should be fun. I'm more just looking at it as yeah, evil 6 full shift days in a row :'(

So, I'll keep you guys posted (again to whomever actually reads these).

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JCKane Creator

91% Complete.

Hey everyone... Figured I'd give you guys an update. For those of you actually reading these.. Yay I got fans :). But yeah I know what I said last and I honestly did believe about those glitches. Well, turns out I was wrong. To an extent. Yes I still think there's possible that there are, but for now I'm going to more work on the parts that aren't glitched up. (like one of the minigames has a fatal error when I try to play it.)

However, I've managed to make alot of progress, Yes only 2% from last, but I've just about to 3% as the final boss battle thing I'm doing.. yeah it's SOOO close as everything's thus far is working. However, I have one slight problem I need to fix and then it'll add one more % to my total :)

As for the releash date.. honeslty I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it. I'm still shooting for it.. Even started working on my game on days I work (as in that time period after I get off work but before I go to bed.) So that's promising.

Seriously, of the 9 things left to do... there's really only 3 of them I fully see being super fancy I have to do... well yes and no, but can't get into specifics :P

Anyways, Aside from that, I've also been working on Ways to have it be released. I'm looking into Steam ofcourse, also PS4, but I want to start my company, which I've been trying to do that on a day off or something.

I'm also working with trying to get Beta testers, but for now I want to keep it for people I actually know in real life. It's my first game after all

So for now, that's what's been going on. I should have atleast (hopefully) 2% more in about a week. Hopefully more. But we'll have to wait and see, because My job is still so stressful.

But until then.

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JCKane Creator

???% complete.

If you're confused, first let me say :O you actually read this?! Wow I'm speechless. Second, I'll explain.

See, after numerous glitches and problems I'm thinking of redoing the entire game... well, not all the way as I'm still using the same sprites, layouts ect, just I'm going to start the program itself from scratch. Why? Because I'm convinced now more than ever that something messed up in the source code of the project file when I transferred it from GM 8.1 to GMS. Thus I'm sure that the only way to fix it.. is to restart.

Thus, I don't know the completion and quiet frankly I'm thinking of working on another quicker game so I can hopefully get it up quicker and not to sound stingy, but make a profit and hopefully make enough to quit my job or atleast not have to fully rely on it. Because honestly it's taking alot of my time, including just the stress issues.

So that's what I'm hoping for. Plus I want something releashed this year, and I have a feeling the restart will cause the game to delay even longer :'(. So we'll see.

Until then.

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JCKane Creator

89% Complete

OK, so first of all I'd like to make note the release date that I set for the game. It's now July 10th. This date could be pushed back if I manage to complete it on time but I'm pressing for this date because I want the game to be released before I turn 26.

With that, I have finished the Walk through walls Equip item and that's a relief. Next, I believe I'll either work on fixing the final boss fight or work on the title and loading screen's art. But here's hoping I can get these done soon as I'll admit other projects keep popping up their head and stress of my job can really get to me. So here's hoping. After all I have 3 months to finish the game. Completely do-able. So until next update.

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JCKane Creator

87% complete

That's right... no more 'til completion'. I redid my list to add everything I needed to do for that game, interesting enough it came out to 100 things, but now I have an actual percentage. I was close to the 90%.

Anyways, I found out the problem to why GameMaker wasn't reading the gamefile. Turns out, Google Drive turned all the .gmx files to HTML files. I had to turn them all back manually. On top of that, my computer has had a right click problem that started again which finally went away and I was able to fix the HTML things.

So I can say that I'll be working on my game on my days off. Probably only do one thing on it too because honestly, my job can be a bit stressfull. Not to mention all these other projects I'm trying to finish. So yeah. However, I can still hope with only like 13 things left to do, shouldn't take to long.

I still need a way to make music for the game. I have most of the songs, just not sure how to turn them into musical form. Anyone that can help please let me know.

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JCKane Creator

74% til Completion.

You know that honestly sounds like I've only got 26% of the game done, but what I meant was that I made a new list on things that needed to be done and that's the % of how much of that list is complete. But over all I'd estimate about 90%.

Now, sadly, no more competed on the game but I do have some good news to share, after some sad news about the failure to launch in 2015. So first of all I have my new computer, not the exact one I wanted but most things are as good or better. Also I now have the 'Android Phone' mod for GameMaker which means that shortly after I release the game for PC, I'll have it released for Android phone. :)

Now I have been running into a few issues, currently trying to get Gamemaker to see the gamefile I downloaded from my Drive to my computer, but so far it's not working. I have a request sent in so just have to wait for that to come back.

Aside from that, as long as it comes back within a week or two, I can predict that the game will be finished and available early 2016, or within the next 2 months.

Here's hoping for it. Also if anyone knows how to create a song (as I've got some but not sure how to convert it to actual music) please let me know.

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JCKane Creator

74% til completion.

Yeah yeah, the same thing. But honestly I've run into so many snags it's annoying.

First of all a small recap I have moved out and I've been waiting to get my new desktop computer to continue working on the game.

Yes my laptop works just fine and I did attempt to work on it but the glitches I've run in to has honestly been making problems.

What I mean by glitches is that the game itself is having certain problems with the program that it only does sometimes and/or it didn't do before. Like a menu glitch.

My best guess is that it's simply my laptop is not powerful enough to handle it which is why to prevent more problems to 'fix' the glitches when there's nothing I can technically do. Thus I am waiting until I get my better Desktop.. which as of right now I'm working on trying to find one that will work.

I'm still pushing for a 2015 release other than that I don't know when it will be finished.

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JCKane Creator

74% til completion.

You know that sounds like I have that much until the game's done... but I just mean that's the amount of what I have left to do... Anyways, Ok, progress has not worked at all. I have other projects I'm working on which has kept me from working on it. But with me probably moving ASAP I'll be waiting til then to continue working on it.

Just to many issues and such and I apologies.

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