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Jarvis is a colorful action-packed Metroidvania game set in a far away land where an evil force has awakened. Amidst the chaos an unlikely hero is summoned forth...

Post news RSS Update: New Enemies, A Glimpse of Boss Battles and more!

For this update we'll cover some new enemies, air dash ability, changed resolution size and a glimpse from Hector Boss Fight.

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Update time!

Hello friends, I hope you're all doing well!

We've been busy as usual, here comes another report of what's been going on since last update.

Hector Boss Battle
This boss has been worked on a bit on and off for a while now and I don't believe I've shown much of Count Hector before so here's a glimpse of what you'll be up against:

Lasers, bones and fireballs. Hm. Seems legit.

New Enemies
One of the parts I enjoy the most with making this game is coming up with new enemies for the player to encounter. Here are three new ones in the makings;

The Macho Orc:

He clearly doesn't believe in leg day.

Damned Soul:

In progress of finding the intruder of Mepheron Keep.

And this... guy...:

I think I got a little carried away when making this one. Anyone got a cool idea for his name by any chance?

Air Dash
Jarvis can now perform air-dash in order to get places fast(and engage enemies mid-air).

It will most likely be obtained in the later stages of the game however.

New Screen Resolution
Also in an attempt to allow the player to see a bit further the resolution of the game was changed from 360x180 to 400x225:

Basically you have a better view of what's going on in the areas. What do you think? Yea or Nay?

That's all for this time! I hope you liked it :)



I just found out about this game

And about the giant armor thing, it could be called golem knight or something.

Best of lucks! :)

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chrilley Author

Thank you :)

Yeah or Golem Armor maybe.

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the armored dude, maybe beserker?

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chrilley Author

Yeah that fits rather well actually!

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Yea its a rather simple name tho

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