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Back Story

After losing her partner, Jade Stone found it difficult to make ends meet looking after her young son and working in the modern world. After banks turned her down for a loan, desperate times led her to seek out Big Vince, a notorious loan shark, to help her pay her debts left by her husband’s passing. Unable to afford the loan repayments, Jade returned home to find her house ransacked and her son gone. She uncovers a ransom letter from Big Vince with his demands, if she wants to see her son again. Jade has to turn to a life of crime to raise the ransom money, for the sake of her son.CharactersThe game will feature a main antagonist, Big Vince, and protagonist Jade Stone. Jade’s son Tommy and late husband Steve are also mentioned in the storyboards but not seen within the game play. Two un-named security guards and a guard dog also feature within the game levels.
Project Summary:
Aims & Objectives

Our project, Jade’s Ransom, is a story driven stealth game
developing for Android and iOS applications. The aim of the project is to
produce the game for downloads on mobile phone and iPad systems, providing a
different style of game than currently on the market to players within a 16-35
age range. The stealth genre is a niche in mobile gaming ready to be filled,
and we aim to bring addictive game play to players on the go but with added
depth to the play through a storyline. The game has scope for additional DLC
through story arcs that can add variety to new levels, with additional levels
purchased by the player after an initial free download. Currently the game is
on target to be available to download in May 2012.

Jade’s Ransom meets the project aims and objectives in the
following ways:

• created utilising appropriate skills from your course and any other
relevant studies. The project is implemented using various techniques
within Unity3D, 3D Studio Max, ZBrush and Photoshop.

• Effectively managed
and presented professionally.
Time plans and regular video log meetings
keep the project running smoothly and documentation templates are used
throughout the documentation for continuity in design.

• As creative and
innovative as possible.
We are providing a game different to currently
available mobile games, trying to tap into a niche with a title that has
mainstream potential.

• produce management
documentation (project plan, minutes of meetings).
Time plans, meeting
minutes, skills audits, asset checklists and a game design document all

• create a finished,
playable Game.
The prototype is in a playable stage for two levels, with
the fully implemented version on target for the completion date.

• demonstrate
evidence of personal development and employability.
Personal production
diaries and individual work contributing to the project available for all
members of the development team.

• Critically evaluate
the Game and the process of making it.
Player testing for the alpha version
has been conducted, with evaluations derived from them to compare to the
developer’s personal and game prototype evaluations at this stage.

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Jade's Ransom - Unity3D Mobile Project - Final Uni Piece

Work In Progress Thread Here: Worldofleveldesign.net

So for my final semester at University I have to create a working game, that you has a purpose, a start and finish. Gone with mobile platform game (android and iPhone). It's a top down stealth game. Simple (because I'm not the best scripter in the world at the moment) game mechanics, crouch/stealth and tap objects in the scene to interact with them. I thought it was be nice to share some screens and what we are up to here, hopefully create a bit of a buzz as we are releasing it on the app stores.

The main character is Jade Stone, a recently widowed cartoony style character who has been lumped with the debt of her deceased husband and forced into a life of crime to pay back the huge sum.

Everythings being made from scratch with 3dsmax, zbrush and Unity3D.

We entered it into Game Republic (A Yorkshire based competition which had judges made up of Rockstar Leeds, Sumo Digital, Four Door Lemon and Just Add Water!) and placed 2nd for Games Design out of 25 other teams!!

Also, and this is the big one, WE FINALLY GOT IT PUBLISHED. It's available for Free on the Android Marketplace (GooglePlay). We are hoping to release it on iOS very shortly, it's a tougher process atm.

So feel free to get a copy for your Android <<<


>Oh, and we got 83/100 for the project, First Class. Which meant most of us got First Class Degrees (Hons) in the end

Heres a link to my partners portfolios:

Jade's Ransom, playable online in your web browser!

Jade's Ransom, playable online in your web browser!


Did some playing around and managed to get it working in a webplayer! Give it a go!

Alpha Update

Alpha Update


What we have been working on this week and what is to come :)

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