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A game about a kid and the monster under his bed. The game, like many of my horror games, tries to scare you without too many of the typical "screamers", instead relying on atmosphere and suspense.

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Tuckybot says

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It Moves moved me. Into the fear zone. And I remained there for the duration of the game!

You would think that concepts like the boogieman or the monster in your closet would pass as silly childhood notions, but then you come across a story like this. Based on the creepypasta 'Bedtime' by Michael Whitehouse, It Moves is brought to a fearsome, fleshy, dreadful life by SnowOwl, the game's creator.

I am glad that sites like this and GameJolt brought this title to my attention, and I am glad to have participated in SnowOwl's tale-telling.

I'd done an LP of this title. You can watch the first episode here if you're unsure you want to commit your time to this game (you do): Youtu.be

Bottom line, this was a wonderful game. Not just wonderful because it was free, its just wonderful, period.


Razorhog444 says

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This is the best RPG Maker Indie Horror Game I have EVER played. I've played huge titles such as Mad Father, The Crooked Man, The Witch's House, and many more. This game does stuff that they never even touched on. I am blown away by how scary this game is! Don't believe me??? Watch it on my channel here: Youtube.com


SPM82 says

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