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Invidia 422AC is the first game with all religions and the first puzzle-city builder hybrid. Set in 422 with you as the main hero playing a King of a rising settlement, you are free to change the future of the world. Puzzle board and cubes simulate the building of your own city, while you take care of the economics, trade and important decisions. While the game features economy, banking, trading and “choose your own adventure” style quests, it is also filled with knowledge, facts and conspiracies from the real world. Few will be the lucky ones to beat the game, for they will be presented with the golden cubes - bits of knowledge from the author himself. And if you are unlucky enough to get assassinated by stonemasons or beaten up by demons you can always... play again. We've got the spear of destiny, the holy grail, the seal of Solomon and lots and lots of Templars, so come on down and join the fun!

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It's about time to write a quick summary article on what's been going on.
Well let's get to the chase:
Reviews on:
Indie Game Magazine
IRB Gamer
Indie Game News
For a long time i wanted Indie Game Magazine to gimme a chance and i was pretty drama-hurt.
And no Bytten, my game do has an installer, over Desura.
And for graphics.....i mean this is a 2d game, you see a 2d game with better textures and graphics?
All indie games are 8bit looking for "some reason".
And let's not talk about how much everyone loves angry birds, meatboy and minecraft.
Infinite world was great, until you realise there is nothing interesting, it's not like im going to discover Istanbul or Giza be exploring.
The whole indie developer universe is pretty much people who spend 10 years on an 8-bit game and that count's as professional. Oh well better go tell CRYTEK to pack their bags.
They also cry like babies about piracy. BRAH make sure your game gets popular first so someone would want to pirate it. Pirates wouldn't even buy the game anyway, so you only get free marketing and people talking about your game over the net. And some of them will actually buy your game or donate you money.
They will also bite your fingers off if you say a nice comment about their game or wont comment on your game at all. But hey who am i to judge. Im only the first guy in 2011 christ years to decide to make a game about religions. But i am not a hater, i am not a hater...i am a lover too.
And i love Orcs must die. I love it so much that i can't even be jealous. It's great.

Menrva Games has a new website which is not too shabby, but i will still redo it probably and update it.
Indievania has sheltered both Invidia 422AC and Gasman FF which you can get for 1 buck.
What can i say about Gasman?

Hey bro, you like shooting people with CS GAS? How about PAVA GAS? Well how about shooting ghost penguins IN the Antarctic WITH a gas revolver. And there's even demon penguins and poison ghost penguins too. And GOD PENGUINS. And remeber that battlecruiser shield from Starcraft 2? WE HAVE IT HERE TOO. You can like run through 100 penguins dropping them on the ground.
And not only that, but it also comes with textures more sharp then Crysis or something.
Yes, because i worked as a model retouch-er at one time.
Some say even the developer (me) never beat the last level.
So don't even dream about it girl-friend.

And for all the people interested in what Invidia 422AC was all about i have a special present.
I was invited by some good people to contribute to their blog about sumerian mythology, occultism and mysticism. So i just wrote my first article on Alchemy. You can check it every few days for new articles i write on Alchemy, philosophy, mysticism and pretty much everything or on their page.

business was picking up, so i am pretty happy, especially that i get my own blog to finally write on alchemy - something that was left out of Invidia 422AC.
And to Steam who wouldn't accept my game but have some 8bit indie games, merry xmas and happy bankrupting.
And to Steve Jobs and his "location services" tracking me like a CRIMINAL, and his "send anonymous statiscitcs" a happy R.I.P.
No location services, No send anonymous statistics, Yes they deserve to die and i hope they burn in hell!

Invidia 422AC DEMO + 6 gameplay videos

Invidia 422AC DEMO + 6 gameplay videos


The official demo got made today including 2 tiers of buildings. Would you like to know more?

About Invidia 422AC - Chapter 2 - How it's made? Pt. 2

About Invidia 422AC - Chapter 2 - How it's made? Pt. 2

News 3 comments

About Invidia 422AC - Chapter 2 - How it's made? Pt. 2 A story on how the idea comes into reality, Q&A + a look in TIER3 and TIER4 religious buildings.

About Invidia 422AC - Chapter 2 - How it's made? Pt. 1

About Invidia 422AC - Chapter 2 - How it's made? Pt. 1


About Invidia 422AC - Chapter 2 - How it's made? Pt. 1 A story on how the idea comes into reality + link to the official PDF guide. Can't play the game...

About Invidia 422AC - Chapter 1 - keynote

About Invidia 422AC - Chapter 1 - keynote


Chapter 1 of a series of articles about my game. Would you like to learn more?

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Invidia 422AC Demo

Invidia 422AC Demo


Hello there valuable fans of Invidia! I see that people like demos so i took some time and made a demo with TIER 1 and TIER 2 unlocked. Now you can try...


Yuppers. We're gonna need some resolution controls.

I thought just maybe the crashing was smart-arsed delayed response to clicking the 'Prayer' button.

Just some speculation. If I'm following this game, it doesn't matter which religion you pick - you're going to follow common sense anyway. Your starting template only limits you.

I'm trying to establish a colony running on just untampered wheat and water. The docs I'm assuming are only necessary if you adapt cattle and start tampering with nature. And the religions and temples are useless unless you're attempting to establish power through coercion by taking advantage of the masses undergoing cognitive dissonance....but I currently don't see the game getting that deep in.

I do like the concept however, it really gets one to think and try and outthink and that exercise of something deperately needed this day and age.

If you can get the 'crash to desktop' thing sorted it's an insta-buy for me.

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Well.....at least no one is offering to tamper with the water.

Killing the doctor an alternative to allowing natural breeding? "Power" bonus for killing the doc?
Wouldn't it be more power hungry to control who screws who?
Even though we didn't agree with doc's arrogant suggestion, did we have to kill him?

Game gets you thinking which is good if you're not receptive to any definite political stances this game seems to be attempting to suggest.

Backwards psychology - You can learn heaps from a witch.

BTW - Game crashes to desktop after about five minutes. Is this intentional if your revenue is building too slow?

Hmm...I might have to change the game's res. If it defaults under 800x600 Win 8 will drop it.

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Very cool! Don't fully understand it yet, but I really like the idea and the design looks great so far.

As a sidenote, you probably shouldn't use the phrase "all religions" in the description since you only include a few dozen out of the hundreds of thousands of extant religions... You definitely seem aware of this, but the text is still in the description there.

Anyway, good luck! I'll be keeping an eye out for developments (Mac version?).

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menrvagames Creator

Thank you structuralFantasies. Yes, while i use the phrase a lot, there are some religions left out.
I can't really develop for Mac but you can always use an emulator, dual boot or use another PC to play it.
I wish there was a way but at the moment it's the easiest option.

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hmmm... i wanna see a demo before i spend my money on this...

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I wouldn't say this is my type of game but it looks very well constructed. From watching the video I can see it's had a lot of work put into it. Congratulations on Release!

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