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Into the War is a FPS developed by Small Town Studios. We are going for the most realistic graphics and physics we can. Into the War is a Single and Multiplayer game. In a Market that is oversaturated with FPS why make another? Well we still feel there is a void in FPS each game series has its own Benefits weather it be Vehicle Combat, Amazing Campaign, Awesome multiplayer, or many others. What we are trying to do here with Into The War is take those features and combine them into one amazing game. To do this will take some work but it is possible but only with help from the Fans. Because what do we know to add if people dont tell us what they like. This game will release Jan 1st 2015 as the bare backbone from then we will start working on creating and modifying the game to make it the game the gamers want it to be.

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Hello my name is Nathan and I am the owner at Reed Gaming Studios. Currently we are in the process of releasing our first title onto Steam and moving on to our second game. This is going to be a huge task. Currently we are seeking new members to join our team and become part of an expanding Company.

Who is Reed Gaming Studios?
Reed Gaming Studios is an Indie Game Development company based in Springfield, MO. Our company started focusing on Android Development but soon moved into bigger and more advanced games on PC. With 4 games released on Android we had decided it was time for our first major PC title to be born. Since February 2014 we have been working hard on Into The War a multiplayer FPS. We are st to release this game on steam in the next few weeks around January 1st 2015. Our companies main goal is to help newcomers to the Indie Community get there Feet wet and start developing.

Who is our Team?
Our team is a small group of developers who work together and rely on each other. We all have become friends from working with each other on various projects through the years. We are looking to expand this "Family" of ours and that is why we are reaching out on here.

What our we Looking for?
We are looking for self motivated, team oriented people to join our rapidly expanding company. You must be ready to show some progress and help build this company into the best it can be. We accept any one who is willing to work and are not picky. The only must is that we can see you are trying as hard as you can. We understand at Reed Gaming Studios That life happens so there are no unrealistic goals to meet and deadlines are Flexible.

Position Description:
I am seeking someone to take our current website Reedgaming.com to the next level I would love to be able to still use wordpress but am open to any option out there. Basically your job would be to create the best website you can and help maintain an add content to it.

To Apply

Email me at nathan@reedgaming.com

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