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Command your own Starship! Take control of a powerful faster than light ship. You control the crew and the stations. Your skills as a commander will either help you to survive the perils of the galaxy, or cause your crew to perish. Your crew lead the way. You keep them fed, give them rest, and entertainment. Assign them to stations to boost your ships abilities and level up their skills. Each crewman is unique and valuable. Each one you let die is a huge set back! Explore the galaxy! Trade between worlds, and use diplomacy to learn the secrets of the universe. IF all else fails, make planet fall and explore the world on foot. Upgrades are everywhere! New ships are available at every port. Purchase helpful stations which you can place on board your ship to help your crew, or your combat abilities. Powerful guns and armor are available as well to keep the commander safe on his away missions.

Post news Report RSS Interstellaria hits V0.3

It's like night and day for Interstellaria. We've greatly expanded the mechanics of the game. You can now hire alien crew, buy alien ships, and best of all you can now control an entire FLEET of vessels. Ground combat has also been beefed up!

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Hello IndieDB! It's been a while since our last post. If you've been following us on Twitter of via our blog ( Coldricegames.com ) you know we've been quite busy. If not, allow us to fill you in on whats been going on.


A big reason for the lack of posts is we've been trying to cram as many things into v0.3 as possible before letting it go live (which should be happening later tonight for our alpha testers!). We just kept saying "oh, lets add one more thing!" But finally we drew the line and finished our next build.

Whats new, you might ask?


They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and each gif has a lot of frames...

My indie game interstellaria just added its first alien crew/ship!

My indie game Interstellaria has an ew ship and Alien Race!
My indie game Interstellaria just added these squid men as a playable race!

Now a shrewd person might notice the UI has changed... considerably. We loved the ornate detail on the first version, but as we added features it began to get a little out of hand. Here's out first revision:

and then the next

hey wait... what's that on the bottom?

Whoh, we've implemented fleet based combat!

This gif is just an illustration - we've strapped more guns on the ships than the ships are supposed to have...

That means, of course, you can manage a fleet of ships instead of just a single vessel. It's nice because now you wont have to choose between all the cool ships

This is as literal as "game changer" can ever be. Looking back at it now, it's crazy how much of a difference this all makes!

Not to ignore our ground segments, we also went back and did a complete overhaul of the combat aspects of traveling to planets. We find it a LOT more exciting now



The camera is much more "alive" now and the effects are wayyy more fun to look at.

Among this update are several small things that are difficult to put into gif form - so we've uploaded a new video for you all highlighting the new mechanics

Oh hey, if you'd like to send the developer some support we've also put up a pre-order page.

Thanks to all our IndieDB followers! your messages here on our page and also in private have been awesome motivators!


the look of this game is so fantastic. I have a "fill the screen with diagnostics,gauges,stats"-game in my mind as well. I love it!

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Yeah, it looks cool!

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Awesome! Looks like a cool mixture of Starbound and FTL!

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