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Interplanetary is a turn-based strategy game for PC, Mac and Linux, featuring both single- and multiplayer modes.

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Aug 22 2013 Anchor

Howdy, everyone!
I was wondering, since Interplanetary is a strategy game, what strategies are your favorites?
It's Heroes of Might and Magic III in my case :)

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Aug 22 2013 Anchor

Civilization series is an easy one to begin with, but from there it gets harder to list all of them, let alone rank them. I also enjoyed Heroes of Might and Magic a lot, but I seem to be one of the few who actually liked the part IV better.

Some other favorites might be Rise of Nations, Company of Heroes and World in Conflict. I practically spent one summer playing Empire Total War, so that series well deserves a mention too. An example of a lesser known strategy game I enjoyed might be Fate of the World, one of the games Interplanetary has drawn inspiration from.

More recently I have enjoyed XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Sim City, Reus and Civ 5 expansion Brave New World.

Aug 23 2013 Anchor

LordChibi wrote: I also enjoyed Heroes of Might and Magic a lot, but I seem to be one of the few who actually liked the part IV better.

Utter insanity! You're off the team!

Would BrĂ¼tal Legend count? I guess that would be my favorite, but not necessarily just because of the RTS-parts, which are still a lot of fun for me.

I guess I generally like simpler Real-Time Strategies, such as Command & Conquer and Warcraft. I've also had a lot of fun with Rollercoaster Tycoon and Theme Hospital.

Of course, I also spend a lot of time fooling around in Heroes III. It's just timeless.

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Nov 26 2013 Anchor

For the record, Disciples II eats Heroes for breakfast. Smaller scale makes it more personal, and unit stacks are just silly business that I don't want to get involved with. Admittedly I haven't touched HoMM since the third, maybe the new ones are more sensible.

As for my favourite strategy game, there are many who'd have different merits to claim the title. I don't like naming an absolute favourite here, since they're all different, not necessarily better or worse.

Frozen Synapse is great chess with guns, Civilizations are way too easy to spend a disgusting number of hours with, Galactic Civilization II offers the same in a space setting. From the real time side of the fence, MechCommander Gold's additional campaign is loads of fun. I really felt like a master tactician when playing it, which not a lot of RTSs have pulled off for me.

Also, upcoming Galactic Civilizations III's published material has me drooling, it looks brilliant. Here's hoping the game plays as well as it looks.

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