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Interplanetary is a turn-based strategy game for PC, Mac and Linux, featuring both single- and multiplayer modes.

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May 21 2015 Anchor

I'd like to suggest you allow adding AI opponents in multiplayer games and allow allied victory. When playing with friends I find it's easy for one person to get on top and make it near impossible to turn around the game. It's frustrating when we spend hours on a game only to have most of us come out of it feeling like we didn't even have a chance. Last game we played I felt like a jerk crushing all my friends.

I think some re-balancing could be done to help with this, but in the mean time being able to team up against computers would offer a work around. That way we'd be working together and could enrich the experience even for the newer or less skilled guys.

All-in-all though, kudos on the game. It's a great design. There are some minor issues, but all of the core mechanics are great and functional.

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