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Quite possibly the most realistic Snooker game to come to any gaming platform, working closely with Michaela Tabb the world’s most famous Snooker and Pool referee Big Head Games have crafted the ultimate cue sports simulation, with easy to pickup and play controls and months of gameplay as you fight through a pro player’s career.

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Very enjoyable.

This game is souper awesome i love snooker so i tried this i is realy awesome i recomend it!!!!! :D

i love this game


This is actually an good Snooker game, but sometimes the rules needs to be explained to show you how many points you need to get to win an frame, and if your opponent already has won the frame.


This is a great game in what is currently a deserted genre. You get snooker straight away, but you have to win tournaments in career mode to unlock the pool modes.

There's 3d snooker halls with crowd and your opponent or you sitting at the side waiting to play. (When anyone is playing though, you don't see them at the table, just a cue). There's great crowd reacton to your shots.

At first the control system seemed really erratic but I quickly got used to it. Dragging the mouse left and right controls the angle of the shot and the lower down the screen you do it, the finer the control. It works really well once you get used to the fact that where the mouse is, is not related to where the shot is going to go, well not directly related.

There is some skill involved in aiming, because although the game shows you the projected path of the cue ball, and also a projected trajectory on the first ball you hit, it doesn't draw the trajectory line that far, so on long shots you do have to guage the angle yourself. Also you don't have a line to help you judge rebounds or cue ball->ball 1->ball 2 shots.

There does seem to be keyboard control partially in place. It's not mentioned in the help, but the left and right arrows control the angle of the shot. It only works in 3d camera mode though, not overhead mode, (Why?!).

If you like to aim in the 3d mode (which is harder in my view) it can be a bit tricky getting used to changing the height of your view with the mouse but I'm sure that gets easier with practice.

Also I found one bug so far. A red ball that was potted was still drawn in pocket (in overhead mode only).

Some very nice polish, great sounds and a good atmosphere! But the mechanics are horrible.
There's no skill or dexterity involved in controlling the power of each shot - simply a slider. You pick the spin position, pick the power and then click the 'Take Shot' button. It's not spontaneous or exciting.
There's no hotkeys either, all commands are activated with mouse clicks only.
It feels very dumbed down and as if it was designed for a touch/phone interface.

This game was very disappointing as it has the framework in place for a great snooker/pool game, but the momentum, fluidity and pace of the game is handicapped by the interface and poor choice of game mechanics.
Ultimately I had very little fun and after a couple of hours I've had to uninstall it.

Beautiful, comfortable, I like this game!




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