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Chess has been solved for a while now. Computers have beaten the best humans decades ago and all possible strategies have been analysed to oblivion. Enter interdimensional Chess. Many Games have tried to put chess into higher dimensions before, but none of them went all the way to a full interdimensional playing field. Interdimensional chess allows you to fully scale the board in 6 spatial dimensions from 1*1*1*1*1*1 to full 16*16*16*16*16*16 Tiles. Discover completely new Strategies that not even the developer had thought of. Beat your opponents in one of the most mind-blowing and complex game, that's barely more complicated than normal chess.

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A brief summary of how the code behind interdimensional chess works.

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I started by setting up the playing with some simple embedded for loops, that'd alternate between white tiles and black tiles. Each of the tiles has a position in the form of a 6D Vector and a Reference to a piece, if one finds it itself in it. The Controller for the Cursor was rather easy with Unitys Axis Input manager. I then created a Piece class, that'd save all the directions the Piece was allowed to move in an array of normalised 6D Vectors. Once a Piece is selected, it'll loop through each of the Vectors through the value i and will check the tile at direction*i. if there is no obstruction, it'll be selected by setting a flag in the tile class and changing the color. If there is a piece in the way however the direction will be added to another array called blockedDirections and every time it loops through it it checks that !blockedDirection.contains(direction).

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Interdimensional Chess
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