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Our game is based on Super Crate Box concept : Fight your way through endless hordes of the undead, Kill 'em in using many different weapons. And in different mode Box Collection, Survival, Killing spree .... But we wish to make it evolve On top of Killing Spree and Survival Mode, as a start we released - a soft mode (less difficult and for non hardcore gamers) - local coop to play with your friend - Key change menu We are waiting for your feedbacks, just drop a word here or in the Forum Thanks a lot

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A lot of people are saying that this game deserves a 1 because it is a clone of some other game. I'm not among those people - I've never even played or heard of the game that is supposedly being ripped off. No, I'm giving this game a 1 because I played it and think it totally sucks. Truly one of the worst games I've played in years. Dull, repetitive gameplay, poor design decisions, graphics that are mediocre at best, no level progression. All you do is blast the same few enemies over and over on a single-screen level and try to survive while picking up generic power-ups. It's just not fun at all, I've played Atari 2600 games that were more fun and memorable than this. Dropping the price to free doesn't change anything, it just makes it so that you don't lose any money on this totally generic waste of time. Any of you people giving the game 10/10 ratings are either A) High, B) Insane, C) Friends of the devloper. And a few people doing it because you "feel bad for the developer" should change your rating - this game really, really REALLY sucks and does not deserve anyone's pity.


tornin says

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The way this game blatantly copies another is insulting.


The game is simple, but very entertaining. And now it's free! It can make mistakes?


This Game is Awesome! and funny, is a f*ckin gof


not orginal idea


The game runs pretty smoothly. I had trouble initially inserting the key, but I did get it in there after 3 attempts. You guys really need to add the ability to remove or change characters in that menu if you miss a keystroke. Alternately during the key entry pressing ESC should just reset the field or take you back to the main menu.

The music is not amazing but its sufficient.

Play wise I didn't have any difficulties playing either from my keyboard or on a gamepad. The game isn't amazingly fun but its a good simple arcade style game. I haven't tried the local co-op yet but I plan to check it out.

Sometimes its nice to crack open a game that only has 2 buttons and a Dpad and go to town, the fact that Co-Op is even offered with this game is great. Kind of feels like the kind of game you would have played on SNES screaming at your best friend for hours, only with much better graphics. I love the use of actual textures instead of low res pixel art.

Overall I give the game a 7, its a good start but it needs to be tuned up still.


Cunin says

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Gave it a 2 only because it's free now (instead of 1), but really, I don't get this game and why it should be fun.
Shame on people giving out a 10 to "balance" other votes. You either give it a proper vote or you don't vote at all.


I'm adding this 10/10 review to help balance out the very negetive reviews which I believe to now be irrelevant, as the developer has already released a new version which is more original, and intends to add more things in the future.


Kimili says

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good fun, I love the flamethrower :)


this game won't allow to to enter unless i buy the full version.

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Good game with plenty of potential x

Apr 24 2012 by Kreezer