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It's mostly based on some other simulations that I always loves with their large terrains. So I created a simulation that also has such a large terrain, this time in 3D, with day/night cycle, shaders and real time shadows. Also I am planning on adding a real complex economic system. The world around you will grow with you. Towns are able to build their own new streets/buildings and commodity industries will upgrade themselves when reaching enough founds. You are able to produce and sell a wide variety of products in 10 different product types. (Toys,Sport,Furniture...) Also there are 4 different types of vehicles to transport your goods (Street,Rail,Water,Air) in the nearest town to make some profit. And of course there are still many more features that are planned like multiplayer. The game is still in an early alpha phase, but if you want to support the game, you are able to buy an access to the early alpha on the main site.

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The game is finally on a state that you could call stable for an alpha. Lot's of changes and even more new stuff added.

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A new trailer available at:

The game now actually has already over 100 buildings and products that a player can build/produce and nearly 40 different types of vehicles. And the game has actually over 400 objects with all variations and all build levels of industries/town buildings.
Also a research tree has been added that will allow you to upgrade all kinds of values of vehicles at the moment. Research for industries/products will also be added. Also you can get a loan from a random generated credit company to help you get along the way and a new world map that is still a work in progress will help you find the right places to build your products easily.
Multiplayer is in development at the moment, but will most likely take at least 2-4 months for first mp version.
A player AI is also still in development, which I also hope to get done in 2-3 months.
Hope you like this little update.

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