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Indie Game Sim lets you make your own games for fame and fortune. Easily create games using the Djinn Game Editor, and publish them on Vault, the #1 online game store. Garner new fans, receive harsh reviews, and learn from your mistakes to become the best developer you can.

Play games made by competing developers to unlock their secrets and use them in your own games. But beware! Darkness is just around the corner, and has some concerning questions for you ...

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Indie Game Sim lets you feel the ups and downs of indie game development.

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Hi I'm Matt and I made this weird simulation/platformer hybrid that enables anybody to easily make their own games. It also touches on underlying indie themes like doubt and depression. But here are those simple bullet points we all crave:

  1. Make your own games by hand using a simple game editor.
  2. Publish your games on a fantasy market like Steam.
  3. Play games by competing indies to learn their secrets.
  4. Avoid The Darkness that forever haunts you!

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Indie Game Sim launches on Steam Dec. 8 for Windows and Mac. It'll be $7.99 USD with a 10% launch discount.

Here's the pre-release trailer: Youtube.com

I know you're busy so that's it, friend. If you'd like more information just ping me.


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