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incensed animals a 2d platform physics puzzle game where you play as incensed animal and kill the mutant cows to protect other cow friends. The survival of the cows is at stake. Dish out revenge on the mutant cows who are also cows but mutated by Aliens . Use the Animals to kill the greedy mutant cows. Incensed Animals feature challenging physics based game play and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, to solve the amazing puzzle levels. If you get stuck in the game you can purchase the mighty elephant. It is available only from in-app purchase. it is a one time purchase and then you can summon him as usual.But there is one catch you can use the Mighty Elephant to pass a level once per-hour The incensed animals also have a lot of achievements to unlock, un-lock new Animals who has some funny abilities. Un-lock trading cards to WIN AMAZING GIFTS Complete daily missions and share it on social media. create your own level and solve the puzzle be the king by helpin

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