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"Have you ever wondered how Darkness feels? How it thinks? How it acts? Have you ever wondered how it feels to be alone, lost in the Dark? Have you?" *In Obscuro* tells the tale of how The Darkness - Obsucro - finds himself in a completely dark void. As he thinks the Universe must be testing him, he faces several challenges, several puzzles to find an exit out of this lone world, untill he finds Lumen... This "game" is a 3D Puzzle game that revolves around light, you will be tested in various ways, coming across different elements on your way. The main focus of the game is telling a story, which is cut into four chapters, each of wich will be released at different dates. "This is not a game, nor is it a program. This is a story. The story of Obscuro, and how he found light."

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In Obscuro: Hotfix 1


A small hotfix for In Obscuro: Chapter One: Lumen et Obscuro has been released:

-Fixed lighting glitching out
-Fixed some graphical bugs with Light Receiver and Lumen
-Fixed the camera going out of bounds, it should now be restricted on the X-axis.
-Made it more apparent which area the Little Light lights up
-Added a level restart button (it's TAB+R)
-Added a 'fail-safe', so levels properly 'reset' after 'death'.

Bugs known:
-Timed buttons having a life of their own.

Note: Chapter Two will be shown on the Chapter Select menu. This is a mistake on my part, Chapter Two is not yet in the game and it's name will also not be "Ad Infinitum".

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In Obscuro: Chapter One v1.0.1

In Obscuro: Chapter One v1.0.1


A fast hotfix for In Obscuro: Chapter One. It fixes some graphical errors, makes Little Light's area of effect easier to see, and adds a 'fail-safe' so...

In Obscuro - Chapter One: Lumen et Obscuro

In Obscuro - Chapter One: Lumen et Obscuro

Full Version

This is the first chapter of In Obscuro. In which we learn who or what Obscuro is, and follow his steps towards finding Light.

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