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Ilhado is a First Person Survival Game. You will have to survive the maximum days possible with all you find in the Island,or find a way to go home.

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Pre-Alpha Demo Release!!! (Games : Ilhado - Survival : Forum : News : Pre-Alpha Demo Release!!!) Locked
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tiagochefe VoidJogos
Jan 3 2016 Anchor

Hello, everyone! Are you ready?

Today we have awesome news for you! The first pre-alpha demo is released and lots of things to do with it, we hope you like it.

Demo Released

Demo Release Demo Release 3

Demo Pre-Alpha V1

This is the first version of the demo release, there are some bugs and some lack of content, and that´s why we need your help.

There are lots of things we didn’t show you until now, like this simple forest fire system.

Dia 134

If you have ideas for the game, just let us know your idea, and we will try to implement it, and we need all your help to find all the bugs in the game. There are infinite options for the game.

Dia 133

You can eat raw animal meat, but it won’t give you much health. Try to kill animals to get food and cook the food to give you more health.

Dia 132

Don’t forget to look for water or you will die. You will need to build these buckets to get water.

Dia 136

There are lots of items you can build or find. When you find a new item, it will unlock in your inventory, it means you discovered a new item. There will be much more items in the next updates.

Dia 135 1

There are some cut scenes for you to see. In the next Updates will have more cut scenes.

Dia 135

That’s all for today. Hope you like the news we give you today.

If you have questions to ask, ideas to tell us or just find a bug, just email to tiago-chefe@hotmail.com or just explain the details in the Ilhado IndieDB Forum.

Until next Release! :D


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