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The IFSCL (code lyoko supercomputer interface) is a fan destkop simulation game. It reproduces exactly the Supercomputer of the animated show : CODE LYOKO, and put you as an operator guiding his friend to fight monsters.

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What might be added in the next version, sooner release, and some informations on my thought on C.L.E. And how to use IFSCL on Linux (explained in french)

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I love DUAL SCREEN ! IFSCL development never been so cool !

(by the way, the angle of the photo don't help it but the TV is higher/bigger than the computer screen)
Dual Screen love IFSCL

For the little curious : on the two new windows you can see, there will be one that should be added in the next version ;)
Won't give screenshot for now, it's not finished ^^

Why does it take so long ?

Firstly : some months/half a year isn't long !
As you know, I'm working alone on the game (not talking about translations and beta, thanks to the contributors) and I work better that way. But I still have studies, work and hopefully, a life.
I'm still a big fan of the original show and hope fans will stay for the IFSCL, even with C.L.E coming to our screens soon, in France.

What should you expect for this version ?

first : As always, READ IFSCL Improvements list for the next version here. Constantly updated with stuff that is ready for the next version.

To recap I can say that I'm working on :

A lot of stuff that must be polished.
Some new functions for already existing programs (maybe the phone localization as an example)
A big correction on pretty everything that was still buggy.
New windows you certainly don't expect (well, mostly for people who can just say the words WILLIAM and CARTHAGE, I get a lot of these, be patient ><) :
I created a windows that contains most of the ADN programs that appears in the show, sometimes they appear in the transition windows (I mean, in the animated show), sometimes not so I decided to create a dedicated windows, which contains all those stuff. Still in progress.
And I think I will do at least one more mission to introduce some of the already-added programs.

I had bigger plans for this version but I think I won't add other stuff and release this version sooner, and doing again an other after before starting Carthagesque-stuff, so you will have less time without nothing new to touch..

Consequently, FRANZ HOPPER BAD ASS STUFF might appear in the next-next version (after the one which is coming) (because Franz Hopper means certainly a minimum of four/six new program !!), but also the missions concerned etc...
So it's plenty of stuff that must be ready in the same time, this will be better If I do not release that now, there is too much work to release Franz Hopper stuff so soon.

Oh by the way, this coming version or the next one won't need Adobe Air Installation, the program will be directly packed into the IFSCL installer.

Kind of polishing I'm adding is above (City map)

When will it be released ?

Don't know, as always, when I can tell it, I tell it, and it's really written everywhere, you can't miss it. I might do a Beta Test, same thing, if I do one, you will see it easily.
But as I say above, I had reduce my expectations for that coming version (I've kind of splitted it). So I still think It might be released sooner, again before 2013, but can still be released at Christmas !
My PERSONAL goal is to release a version before the end of my holidays (end of September), but it's not a promess for you.

Quote from the precedent news about William :
About William : It will be available for LyokoWarrior's Side and Xana's Side, in his two costumes, and again, it will only be available when all the things that appear in the show before his first appearance on lyoko will be done.

Gimme a Version Number !

Still don't know ! Something between 2.0.3 and 2.1.7 I think. Will be said when updates will all be added.

About C.L.E and other game-interfaces...

Some fans asks me about what did I think of upcoming Code Lyoko Evolution show, and will I do an other interface on it or add some of functionalities into the IFSCL from CLE.

I won't touch C.L.E. I like it. By the way, I hear this fault everywhere so remember : it's not a season 5 ! It's a brand new show, taking elements from the back-story but you should think about that as a sequel, a remake if you want, but It's definitely not a "season five", there is a reason why there is a 'evolution" in the name.

So you've got plenty of stuff you can do that I won't do. I'm really talking to people who tries starting fan-interface of the supercomputer.
I think you should better try to do Jeremie's Laptop interface first (I won't do it, and it's already a big challenge !!) and now you know that I won't touch C.L.E interface so you can anticipate this ;)


[UN TRANSLATED]. Thanks to Woki :

Pour pouvoir utiliser l'IFSCL sous GNU/Linux, il vous faut avoir le logiciel Wine d'installé. Doc de wine pour Ubuntu : Doc.ubuntu-fr.org
Vous pouvez ensuite suivre les instructions suivantes :

Commencez par ouvrir un terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T ou Menu > Applications > Accessoires > Terminal)

Si Adobe AIR n'est pas installé, installez-le. Pour cela, collez dans le terminal (Ctrl + Shivt + V) ce qui suit :
Code: wget -O AdobeAIRInstaller.exe Airdownload.adobe.com && wine AdobeAIRInstaller.exe
Cela va télécharger et vous ouvrir le menu d'installation d'adobe AIR. Suivez les instructions du logiciel.

Pour installer l'IFSCL, collez dans le terminal (Ctrl + Shift + V) ce qui suit :
Code: wget -O IFSCL_2.0.0.c.air Archive-host.com && wine .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Fichiers\ communs/Adobe\ AIR/Versions/1.0/Adobe\ AIR\ Application\ Installer.exe
Cela télécharger puis vous ouvre le menu d'Adobe AIR qui permet d'installer une nouvelle application. Vous aurez juste à remonter l'arborescence de votre disque pour aller dans votre répertoire personnel et sélectionner le fichier IFSCL_2.0.0.c.air .

Normalement l'installation s'est déroulée correctement, vous pouvez donc supprimer les deux fichiers IFSCL_2.0.0.c.air et AdobeAIRInstaller.exe qui sont dans votre répertoire personnel sans risque.

Pour lancer l'IFSCL, passez par le menu de Wine : Applications > Wine > Programmes > Paradoxe Upsilon Creation > IFSCL.


Insanely cool


Yay thanks much cant wait!!!!!

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Really another code lyoko? awesome

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And what about the Skid??? :(

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Immudelki Author

The skid will come in a long long time !
You should understand that this is long and intensive work.

Paradoxe-upsilon.fr (second paragraph)

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ok thanks :DD I can wait until the long time (I guess x( )

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I know you've said this before but, Please implement a delayed virtulization! It would be a great addition to the already Fantastic program!

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