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The IFSCL is a fan destkop simulation and 3D adventure game. It reproduces exactly the computer interfaces of the animated show : CODE LYOKO, and put you as an operator guiding his friends to fight the evil AI Xana.

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Apr 13 2015 Anchor

Any question or remark ? Here's the place to ask :)

Apr 13 2015 Anchor

What does a 3D tactical map means? I mean what will it replace in the original IFSCL and how will it look now?

Apr 14 2015 Anchor

The actual tactical map is a flat picture, almost like an isometric view, the idea here is to get that result :

Although the show actually features very different designs. Above already you can see that there's already differences in the treatment.
So actually, I do not plan to use a wireframe texture for the land as an example, it will be a complete transparent color for better optimization. But the towers will remains in a wireframe style.

Apr 14 2015 Anchor

So does that mean that you would be able to control the camera angel? By the way it sounds fantastic!

Apr 14 2015 Anchor

I'm not quite sure to let free mode available because I still need to create the right controls (essentially a combo key + mouse, like in a rts), but in the end there will always be at least the option to auto-orbit around the thing you follow, so you won't have to bother about moving the camera.

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