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The IFSCL is a fan destkop simulation and 3D adventure game. It reproduces exactly the computer interfaces of the animated show : CODE LYOKO, and put you as an operator guiding his friends to fight the evil AI Xana.

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Brazilian Portuguese Translation (Games : IFSCL 4.0.X [Code Lyoko Game] : Forum : Questions : Brazilian Portuguese Translation) Locked
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May 11 2016 Anchor

Hi Immu, I live in Brazil, and the show was a success here. Since you're developing the game a lot and it's the most complete simulator on the internet, I'm here to offer my help to translate the game to our native language. Of course I can help a lot, since I speak English very well. Waiting for a response.
Thanks, Lucas

Jun 1 2016 Anchor

Hi Zenthons, I assume the langage you want to translate the IFSCL to is Portuguese.

I wouldn't mind that, but before starting anything, I must assure myself that you'll be able to understand those principles :

-if you translate the game to a language, players will of course start to use it, if the translation has problems you do compromise the entire experience of the game, so It need to be like, very rigorous.

-adding and maintaining a new language is always more complex for me on the release, so it must have a real impact.

-you do engage yourself seriously for a minimum of 2 years where the IFSCL will be updated around each 3 months approximately. And your presence around one month before a release engage you to be able to get around 5 minutes each day minimum to check if there's any change to submit. And to be super present for the day close to the release.

-you'll have to keep in mind and get yourself aware of all the constraints of IFSCL (reduced text sizes sometimes, the need to translate or not-to translate some stuff (in some cases, only a french variation is allowed with the english ones, but you're supposed to understand that by checking how the other languages did handled it))

-and since you're good in english, to not hesitate to check for my own mistakes ^^

If you think you can do that, that you confirm me that your idea of translating it in your native langage is not just just a passing by feeling (so that you felt that need to do it from more than just a few days), then we'll see for a translation that could be live starting in 3.3.0

Jul 7 2016 Anchor

Can I help too? I am European Portuguese, Júlio Rafael from facebook remember? I've been suggesting this for years! xP

Jul 8 2016 Anchor

Hi (sorry, tht time was indeed an open oppotunity for one new langage, it came at the right moment ^^).

I think ti will be possible yes. I'll see that in a week or two ;)

Jul 15 2016 Anchor

Immu, I think is a good ideia, since he is an European Portuguese, he knows that language more than me, and will help me to correct those words I talked to you some months ago. It would be a great help if you let Júlio join me. :)

Jul 19 2016 Anchor

Send me a mail in private message Julio, so i can add you to the list ;)

Jul 24 2016 Anchor

Done! :)

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