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The traditional wintertime fishing sport is now brought to home computers and created with the modern technology in all it’s excitement in an unseen way. Fishing in this sandbox game is extremely fun, but realistic at the same time.

In this game the player can roam freely in the beautiful open world maps and explore river, pond and lake locations around the world. Finding the best fishing spots by learning the depth maps and bottom topology of each location is the ultimate fun in these sandbox environments. The expectation of finding the best locations, or even a fish swarm, is as much fun as trying to catch the biggest fish from each map.

The real excitement starts when it is time to throw lines into the water and start fishing! The right equipment for right conditions are as essential as is mastering the location. The realistic fish behavior system, fish AI and fish swarms for over 20 unique species makes this game a lifelike fishing experience. Fishing gear can be chosen from a wide selection of different jigs, rods, augers and baits. A perfect combination of equipment for different species depends on the season, but especially weather and daytime conditions. Controlling a rod and a jig in the water in a right way and at the right depth in Ice Lakes is a skill of its own. Rod and jig physics guarantees that fish react authentically to player's actions.

Fishing independently without time limits or competitors makes Ice Lakes a relaxing game to play and tune your real life fishing skills in the comfort of your home. On the other hand, lengthy tournaments and very customizable single competitions will test the player's skills and knowledge, but will reward them with new equipments and limitless fame for breaking old records in the the global scoreboards.

When the game is greenlit Ice Lakes will also offer online competitions and tournaments. Playing against real players takes the game completely to the next level.

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First week in Greenlight


Ice Lakes has reached the top 100 in less than a week. This is really inspiring! Thank you for all the support. It has been very encouraging to read the feedback and comments you've given us.

We are currently preparing the game for the alpha testing and the release of the game later this winter looks very promising.

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