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I Am Overburdened is a silly roguelike full of crazy artifacts and a "hero" who has 20 inventory slots.



Based in Hungary

Release date:
November 1 2017



Available From:
$1.99 - Steam


I Am Overburdened is a silly roguelike with a fun twist to the tried and true classical formula. The player takes the role of an artifact hunter, who has a surprisingly large carrying capacity, embarking on a quest to search through dungeon after dungeon for mystical artifacts and answers, in a world where magic has long been forgotten...


Being a huge fan of hack & slash and rogue-likes games I always dreamed about bringing my own ideas into this genre. I spent countless hours collecting items in the Diablo games and it felt fresh and fun even at the 1000th try.

Just one more run, just one more artifact!

I tried distilling the design of these games to focus only on the core mechanics which make them fun. Loot and difficult choices about resources (life, gold etc...). I married the two and built an RPG which revolves around artifacts and artifacts only. A game without the trope of becoming magically more powerful due to beating some monsters to death, without wizardry or professions, a game where only your inventory counts and it is vast!

20 slots and 100+ crazy artifacts to find, all of them unique.

As with all my work, I had to pour some humor into this game too :). I may have gone a little overboard this time with that :D;).

After a few redesigns and unfortunate delays I arrived at this game and I'm more proud of it than anything I've created prior in my life. Already completed it 300 times during development (at the time of writing) but I believe I won't get bored until the 1000th try :).


  • Turn based rogue-like with permanent death.
  • Run focused campaign, playable in short bursts.
  • Fill a huge inventory having 20 slots.
  • Find more than 100 crazy artifacts, all of them unique.
  • Learn the ins and outs of an RPG system which feels approachable and fresh, but familiar and deep at the same time.
  • Crawl in procedural dungeons generated from hand authored layouts.
  • Collect details about monsters and artifacts in your journal.
  • Unfold a funny story, packed with vicious evils, puns and jokes.
  • Immortalize your best playthroughs in the "Hall of Fame".


Gameplay trailer YouTube

Teaser trailer YouTube


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Hi, I’m Tamás Karsai (Spidi) a solo game developer forming “Magic Item Tech”. I used to grind for magic items day and night, now I’m building games using technology fueled by them :D . Terminal craze: cats, game development, games, movies, toon & anime, comic books (in that order).

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