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Long ago...
Some Monsters and humans lived peacefully on the surface, others became corrupt with power from Ganondorf
Eventually, Ganon attacked the monsters allied with the humans, and rather than get involved, the humans did nothing, fearing his power
Ganon then, sealed the monsters underground, away from the humans (which the monsters now resented)
And began attacking the humans, now crippled without the monsters assistance
Eventually, leading Zelda to be forced to escape, and fall down into the mountain, while link held them off.
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Unfortunately, I am going to have to cancel Hyruletale.


  1. Not much support for the game
  2. It is getting boring to make
  3. I'm concerned about legal stuff from Nintendo as they are kinda strict with fan games

I apologize for the inconvenience.




I don't think it is unfortunate. No offence, but crossover like this wouldn't get good rating anyways. Try something more original, it will be way more fun.

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