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HyperSonic 4 is a high speed action shooting game. This is a jet game with loads of missiles, explosion and action. The player will take role of fighter jet pilot in intense story driven campaign. This game will pump your adrenaline up. HyperSonic feature both SinglePlayer campaign and teamed Multiplayer battle.

SlyCooperFan1 says

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I loved watching the trailer for this game, and judging from some of the comments that were praising the game (as well as me being a fan of Ace Combat), I decided to hop on and download the demo to try this game out.

First off, I encounted a problem cocerning the Microsoft C++ Redistributable packages. I can't blame this on HyperSonic 4, since that may have been my laptop's fault for not having the packages in the first place. After a little teatime with Google, I got the game to open up.

Holy. Crap.

My laptop's CPU went through the roof as did the internal CPU temperature. The animations on the game were terribly slow (very high-quality but clearly at a terrible cost), and the cursor in the game was EXTREMELY sensitive to any movement I made on my trackpad. In short, the game was unplayable. I couldn't do a thing, and I feel lucky to have managed to close the game from inside the game itself without having to go the CTRL+ALT+DEL route.

I regret giving this short and entirely negative review. I was expecting an awesome arcade flight game, but clearly it wasn't made for the low-end laptops such as mine. Do note that I can perfectly play some games like Age of Empires (any of them) or Vector Thrust, a less arcadey flight-sim also found on Desura, so my laptop isn't strictly anti-gaming, it's just not high-end - or, apparently, not high-end enough for HyperSonic 4.

tl;dr If you have a computer that isn't totally made for gaming, forget about playing something; try getting it to load first.

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