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It’s the 80’s all over again. Only this time, the human race has more than an obnoxious pop culture to contend with.

With World War III nearing its demise, Earth only just begins to catch its breath when it is threatened by yet another menace. Unlike the preposterous mullets of its inhabitants however, this one’s invisible – a parasitic organism capable of making hosts of unsuspecting human beings, consuming what’s left of their souls and wreaking unfathomable havoc.

And it’s spreading. With a vengeance.

Martial laws have been declared to make way for a global hunt, battle-hardened law enforcers have made allies of the most degenerate of criminals, while the rest of the world is paralysed with paranoia; yet who can be trusted? Who can see it, let alone destroy it? That’s for them to worry about. For you are the enemy.

You are the organism with a mission. You are… HyperParasite.

Snatch. Zap. Repeat.

Relentless top-down, shoot ‘em up action!

Being able to snatch the bodies of nearly every weapon-wielding homosapien you encounter ensures bullet hell almost never ceases.

Intelligent zapping!

A happy trigger-finger alone won’t suffice; multiple character classes, host-specific abilities and a skill-based progression system means you’ll be working to one-up the human race even without bullets.

Extreme level re-playability

Procedurally generated levels, multiple game-play objectives, grueling waves of enemies and deranged bosses, all while the possibility of perma-death looms; prepare to die. A lot.


…perpetuated by a unique 3D-pixelated art style, absurdly bright neons, obnoxious styling and robotic synthesizer sounds. It’s the roaring 80’s alright, with a dash of dystopia.

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HyperParasite out now!


ArtWork FullHD

What a journey it has been, but today we are thrilled to announce that HyperParasite has left Early Access and v1.0.0 is available RIGHT NOW on Steam!

We’re also super excited to announce that the game is also available globally on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Fancy a DRM-Free version? We got you covered on Itch.io and GameJolt too.

It’s a brand new trailer time!

From everyone here at Troglobytes Games, we want to thank each and every one of you for your support and encouragement throughout our development, Early Access and eventual launch. We’ve been humbled by the critic reviews, the sheer number of streamers and content creators requesting to check out HyperParasite, and the feedback you the players have given us since we launched into EA.

From us and Hound Picked Games (our co-publisher), THANK YOU.

Keep reading for discount news and a rundown of our favourite reviews to date.

Here you can find a brand new Cinematic Trailer of HyperParasite:

Launch Discounts 💰

HyperParasite has launched with discounts across ALL platforms:

On Steam, Itch.io and GameJolt, you can bag yourself a copy of the game with 33% off for a limited time until April 18th.

This discount is also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 until April 18th.

Our Nintendo Switch publishing partner has set up the following exciting promotions:

  • EU - 24th March - 18th April 33% discount for all pre-orders and purchases
  • EU - 24th March - 18th April 50% discount for all QubicGames customers
  • NA - 24th March - 12th April 33% discount for all pre-orders and purchases
  • NA - 24th March - 18th April 50% discount for all QubicGames customers

HyperParasite Reviews

  • Saving Content - This is the definition of a Steam Early Access success. HyperParasite excites and delights every time you play it.
  • Game Asylum - ...once it gets under your skin it provides an itch that’s satisfying to scratch
  • Switchaboo - HyperParasite is simply an absolute pleasure to play. The gameplay is tight, the concept is marvelously unique and you feel rewarded with each playthrough as you unlock more host bodies to control.
  • JPS SwitchMania - 9/10
  • IndieGameWebsite - 8/10

Playstation Blog and Xbox Wire blog posts

HP PSBlog 01

If you want to know the story behind the creation of HyperParasite, here are two cool posts on official Playstation and Xbox blogs:

Community News


As well as the growing community here on Steam (which we’ll be keeping a close eye on over the coming days) we’ve also recently launched a brand new Troglobytes Discord community.



Are you following us on social media? If not, don’t forget you can find the HyperParasite invading host bodies on…

So what are you waiting for? Get on out there and be the HyperParasite you always dreamed of!

-- Troglobytes

HyperParasite Mega Update & Early Access Launch

HyperParasite Mega Update & Early Access Launch

News 2 comments

It’s true, we skipped quite a few devlog updates since last January, but it was for a good reason. In fact, we can now give you a mega update about...

The Big HyperParasite Pre-Alpha Update

The Big HyperParasite Pre-Alpha Update


Over the last couple of months the team here at Troglobytes Games have been hard at work making some significant changes to the HyperParasite Pre-Alpha.

HyperParasite - Kickstarter campaign and new Pre-Alpha Build

HyperParasite - Kickstarter campaign and new Pre-Alpha Build


We just launched HyperParasite's Kickstarter campaign. Now you can also get your hands on HyperParasite's Pre-Alpha Build for Windows!

HyperParasite DevLog, Entry #4

HyperParasite DevLog, Entry #4


The Parasite Has Officially Infected Our Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

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HyperParasite Pre-Alpha Build

HyperParasite Pre-Alpha Build


HyperParasite Pre-Alpha Build - Get your hands on the new playable build!



the harater from ninja gayden and hulk hogan, raiden, this fat sumo from a fighter game.

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Is there a splitscreen coop?

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AXE978 Creator

No split screen, same screen local co-op.

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AXE978 Creator

You can now download HyperParasite prototype build from the Files sections!

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