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First game will forever be first! Try to eat as much burgers in this 2D game as you can

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Hungry Skater went live


Yet again, I got bored I decided to pick from my never-ending 'one day will try' bucket of project ideas [now I’m actually terrified over the next selection]. This time let's create a simple iOS game, something for boys… How naive was I starting beginning of Dec 19 [Yes almost a year ago] thinking I’m gonna be done by the New Year.

Not knowing how much time will I kill I bought mac. But hey, a lousy old one to make sure the development on it will be as much struggle as possible. In fact I didn’t know anything, just didn’t want to spend much money on it. And it was struggle! In fact towards the end of this journey I realized that I actually can’t use it to submit to app store at all. It is funny looking at it now… but that struggle with old macOS, then old Xcode, then old iphone to test with and last but not least mac which was back in 2012 I assume made for needy people to sip overpriced coffee in starbucks while waiting eternity for web to be loaded. On top of that, had to learn illustrator; swift, xcode, learn actually everything including git, building compiling, recompiling [no developer here] then there are millions of freaking guidelines from Apple to follow, so one need to have menu, icon, splashscreen [what the heck is that?], tons of screenshots on devices which normal person doesn’t have, then website, private policy on it, need to test the app few times, got rejected few time on app store but eventually there it is 🙂

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