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You are a great tentacled cosmic deity, drifting through the endless void. Space can be very boring at times. But every now and then you find something that can hold your attention for a few hours at least. This time, you found Earth.

Raise and feed Humans.

Build all the necessary items to make the Humans feel at home. Make sure they are fed and put to work. As you learn more about the Humans, you can learn to better accomodate them.

Process Human byproducts.

Human waste can be deconstructed into pure matter and used for building. Many parts can be used for cloning, allowing for potentially infinite expansion. Watch as they churn their own milk for you to sell.

Butcher the Humans

Take their skin, their flesh, their brains. Build ever more elaborate and beautiful factory lines. Remember, Human meat tastes best when cut from a living soul!

Trade with the other cosmic space deities. Analyze and gain new technologies. Become the greatest great one in the multiverse.

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Welcome to our Factory!


Hello everyone!

Welcome to our official Indie DB "Human Factory" page, we're really thrilled to be here! :) We're Otis and Maly, indie developers from Tenerife, Spain.

We'll be posting content about the game: developer's weekly to keep you up to date with Otis' progress, some raw art and WIP, and everything that comes to mind during the next few months.

We are planning an Early Access Release on July, but this might change. We'll keep you posted. If you want up-to-the-moment updates, do visit our Twitter.

Our first Developer's Weekly will come this Friday, in the meantime, feel free to visit our Steam Page (Store.steampowered.com) and Wishlist "Human Factory": we know you've been wanting to enslave mankind for a long, long time.

Hope you have a lovely day! :)


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