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You are looking for the evacuation services but got lost and took shelter !from the hordes of zombies outside. You need to find a safe way to get out and !fast. A nice fun shooter with 5 levels will bring you closer to the edge of your seat good graphics and animations and a outside map. Are you up for it.

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Calvinthemonkey1 says

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Could do some stuff to improve the game!
It was alright and 3/10!


Rokcet says

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I think everyone here knows this already, this are all fake shots or just random pictures that have NOTHING to do with the game. The banner is a repeating picture and the boxshot has nothing to do with the game, neither does the demo picture.

Now for the game, FPSC is a okay engine but nothing to use when creating a good game.Some objects in the game are misplaced, such as the lamp on the door. The menu is VERY blurry and pixelated and obviously has no screenshots showing or involving the game whatsoever.

In my opinion, Learn Photoshop or Paint.NET or atleast use in game screenshots. Redo the engine, something like Unity,Game Maker(better than FPSC),UDK. There are plenty of tutorials out there.


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