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Homey Hero is an Augmented Reality based videogame that allows you to try some pets as visual in the real area. Also you can request your own pet to be available in this game as public or private to have it behind your self forever.

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Mar 9 2019 Anchor


Are you an artist or a Godot Engine scripter? We will call you a spontaneous developer! If you're experienced in each of the following titles, you need to post reply to any request and have a conversation with the owner about the cost and the deadline and other parameters. You need to have interact with everybody who you want to work with. When you had agreement with the person who sent the request you should create a new thread for the requested pet in the next field as it's described in the following titles.

2D Artist

We have some parts like the Pet Store and the Guide Book in the game that require a 2d art from each pet. You should ask the person who has the pet request about doing this job like the cost (if you're not going to do it for free), your delivery time (to the next step of the creation progress) and etc. When you finished your task, it's time to create a new thread in 3D Artist board and attach your file(s) into it to make the next process available for the 3d artists. And you're done! You can have another conversation with another person who is looking for somebody to start his/her pet creation process!

Formats: open layer project in Photoshop/Illustrator/Gimp/etc. + .JPG

3D Artist

As the 2d artists, 3d artists should have conversations with the person who is requested his/her pet too. Then when they finished their task they should create a new thread in 3D animator board and attach their file(s) into it to make the next process available for the 3d animators. And you're done! You can have another conversation with another person who is looking for somebody to model his/her pet!

Formats: .FBX

3D Animator

These developers are also like the previous ones and after getting the animate request from the owner in the requests board, should find the related thread what is created by its 3d artist and can do the job, then posts the file(s) for the last step of development that is scripting process in the new thread of scripter board.

Formats: Animated in the single animation line (not separated animations) in .FBX + a .TXT file animation frame list.


A Godot engine scripter should get the behaviors of the requested pet like the current listed pets in Heroes and Abilities and just script for the animated pet like the current pets in the game just to have some interacts according to the described behaviors with the gamer. Then the gdscript file and the final animated model should be attached to the related topic.

Important Tips

When anyone submits a thread or accepts to do a pet, it doesn't mean to another ones that this task is done!!! Each task can be provide by more than an artist or a scripter. And you all know how to talk with the person who requested the pet if you're not going to work for him/her for free! All these words means that each board can have more than a thread for a pet if more than two body are in agreements with the owner.

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