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Homebrew is a physics based vehicle sandbox, where you can bring your concepts to life. It will make your brain sweat by challenging your creativity and problem solving skills while providing you with the right tools!

Homebrew has a steep learning curve, if you're looking for a game where you lose track of time perfecting your creations, testing them in a vast world and searching for new approaches/solutions then this is the game for you.

The game is developed with a passion for science, input of the community and a strong belief that building should be fun and that only lack of freedom and tools can hold you back. With this in mind we try to set out as few limits as possible.

Note:Currently Multiplayer only works in HB13, a multiplayer update for HB14 is planned in the near future. If you've bought the game you have access to both versions and can play multiplayer in HB13.


  • Physical based shaders
  • Vast amount of parts included and planned
  • Highly customizable settings
  • Build whatever vehicle you can think of
  • Full open sandbox (no part limit)
  • Programmability
  • Ability to have high speed (supersonic) vehicles
  • Vast range of controller support
  • Vast world with multiple islands
  • Dynamic day-night cycle
  • Water dynamics with wave physics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Multiplayer with vehicle sharing (already in HB13, HB14 to be released)


  • Open and non restrictive building tools
  • Outdoor building
  • Open and dynamic vehicle tuner with testing capabilities
  • No size/part limit
  • Assembly builder
  • Short-cuts for building faster
  • Multiple seats with separate controls
  • Ability to create own controls for all types of input devices
  • Highly customizable settings and properties
  • Realistic centre of gravity calculation
  • Wheels can be used in all ways (upside down,...)
  • Skinning system


  • Various types of engines: vector thrust, rocket engine, propeller engine, ramjet engine, car engine, ...
  • Electrical system: with switches and lights
  • Physical based driveshaft system
  • Adjustable plating (multi-colour)
  • Resizeable wheels (various types)
  • Fully tweakable propellers
  • Various steering wheel types
  • Rotators: allow you to rotate parts on command
  • Multiple wing sets
  • Neon lighting
  • Fireworks
  • Gyroscopes
  • Gyro sensor
  • Speedometer
  • Fireworks
  • Gearbox
  • Transmission
  • Pontoons
  • ...


  • Mission creator for challenge and scenario building
  • Social hub support for exchanging content
  • A ton of new parts
  • Powerful colouring system
  • Character customization
  • Improved multiplayer
  • More logic boxes (programmables)
  • Weapons
  • Boats and submersibles
  • Additional outdoor building areas
  • Symmetry tool and other building tools
  • Part customization
  • Tools for user generated content
  • Vast expansion of the world
  • Optimization and bug fixes
  • Community suggestions
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Latest patch info!


User Posted Image

With the multiplayer being added to HB14 we've been having a ton of fun meeting players online and trying out their creations. This has allowed us to gather a lot of feedback on what has to be polished and improved with the upcoming patches. Therefore we've taken some time to focus on streamlining the builder UI a bit more. Now let's take a look at what the latest patches brought along:

    • Opening a workshop project automatically creates a clone; this fixes the bug where edited workshop vehicles wouldn't be loaded in the builder after the initial workshop project was deleted.
    • In the tutorial the player will be reset if something goes wrong between starter's nest and lost island objective.
    • Decreased cpu intensity for calculating centre of gravity, this won't be noticeable on smaller vehicles but when you have more than 10 cog points the code will kick in and spread these calculations over time.
    • Increased server time-out; hopefully this will solve the disconnect/reconnect bug.
    • Decreased lag in the tuner screen by about 20%
    • Saving an assembly as global works again.
    • Workshop downloader checks for changes and removes folders when files aren't found.
    • X15 wing blade angle has been fixed.
    • Uber spoiler flap angle has been fixed.
    • Updated default vehicles.
    • Vehicles could be controlled with keyboard even when while in chat.
    • Binding mouse controls works.
    • Rocket engine burn sound kept playing after the fuel was depleted.
    • Changed cube spawn delay for free roam and free roam optimized modes.
    • Mouse icon replaced by default mouse.
    • Updated properties panel UI.
      User Posted Image

To ensure a more pleasant building experience we've made some additional changes to the following builder UI elements:

    • Navigation bar

      User Posted Image
    • Tool buttons

      User Posted Image
    • Spawn button

      User Posted Image
    • Fixed bug where part names weren't displayed in the properties panel
    • Grouped the inputs/outputs in the property panel

      User Posted Image
    • Tool shortcuts work for pipe builder

What's next?

Right now our main focus is fixing as many bugs as possible. To make sure that we can solve your issue as fast as possible please follow these guidelines:

    • See if you can replicate the bug.
    • Be as specific as possible about the issue, the more information the better. Preferably attach your output_log.txt file which can be located in: installed directory / HB146_Data folder (right click on Homebrew in your game library, select properties and then browse local files).
    • Notify us on Steam or Discord (faster response time).


Copybugpaste Team

[UPDATE]: Basic multiplayer added to HB14

[UPDATE]: Basic multiplayer added to HB14


It's been a long time coming so we're excited to announce that with this update multiplayer has been added to HB14. Although the new version runs smoother...

Upcoming update, what to expect #1

Upcoming update, what to expect #1


In this post we give a first preview ofwhat you can expect with the upcoming multiplayer update.

Developer Update 23/04/2016 - New Parts & Other Changes

Developer Update 23/04/2016 - New Parts & Other Changes


This will include a new engine, gps block, navigator, if-box, drag modifier, selector box, numberplate and additional bug fixes.

Homebrew Vehicle Sandbox- March Development Update #2

Homebrew Vehicle Sandbox- March Development Update #2

News 3 comments

More parts have arrived! Introducing solar panels, electric motor, spoilers, and even create your own sounds or/and music.

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how can i play it with out downloading it?????????

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you cant

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hey guys, if your thinking of getting this game go for it. its got a very friendly community and its easy to talk to the devs. your ideas and input into what could be added to future updates is important as it could happen in one way or another. all are welcome to come and join us and I hope to see you there soon. anyway, have a nice day :P

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Copybugpaste Creator

Thanks for recommendation :)

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thanks for making the game so I can recommend it :P

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My name is Michael Nunes have 27 years and I am Brazilian.

I have a channel on youtube with 1500 subscribers and average 8000 monthly views.

I really want to play. It is possible to send me a demo or full version.

I can help in spreading the word. This will help a lot. I won't charge you anything for that

Thank you very much.

YouTube: Youtube.com
Email: comercialfox1988@gmail.com

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Come join us in our Discord community so we can meet you- Discord.gg

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Hey Hop on to the discord channel.
someone nice might give you a key if they have a spare

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from where i can download it?? guys????

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