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Holy Sheet is the game, where you have to cheat answers for your school test. Press the button to pick up the cheating list from your backpack. Be careful: if teacher goes near you, she will notice you cheating and the game will be ended. Time is limited - 5 minutes per exam. Game Process: To open "Holy Sheet" , hold 'E' button. When you release 'E' button, you throw the sheet in your backpack, so be ready to take another sheet next time Don't try to answer the test by your own: the answers are randomly generating when the new game starts Don't forget about time! 5 minutes per exam When you are ready, 'click' the 'PASS' button, which is on the fourth page of the test. Good luck, student! The game was made for MiniJam9. 2 Inputs were used: 'E' button and Left Mouse Click.

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