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Highschool Madness is a free roam game that will allow you to do almost anything possible to either be the good student or the bad student. Of course, the setting in this game is a High School, but not only a High School, but there's a vast world to explore, like shops, alleyways, and even buildings! Yep, I'm making it possible to go through EVERY building and have a use towards it, unlike some games where It's acting like a wall.

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This post will tell you the progress of the game Highschool Madness. Also, I'll be telling why my goal wasn't reached.

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School Layout News:

Hello everybody, Ian here and today I would like to discuss the school layout. The layout I used before was a little bit weird. I mean you have a gym in the middle of the 1st floor, so that defeats the purpose of extra rooms, and it was a little bit confusing. So now, I'm trying to make it more friendly and less difficult to figure out what is what (The picture I posted in the news, is the improved version of the last one I was using)

What did I update in my game?

- Part of the school hallway. Probably 1/3 of it
- Decided to make the classroom not each separate levels, but make it scrolled with the hallway, so i'll look nicer.

- Made the road connect to the bus depot. Also made the school right next to the bus depot.
- Colliding into the school will teleport you to the entrance.

Why isn't all the goals done like you said last week.

- Well, usually yearly, I stay the night at my grandmother's friends grandchildren (lot of words there XD)
- A new game called Unturned kinda distracted me for like... 14 hours :| (Really fun game IMO)

What would I expect on the next update?

- Finish the school layout
- Hopefully AI
- If AI works, then I'll attempt to test a "class session"
- If AI either doesn't work/not worked on, then I'll make some more chunks of the outside world :3

Thanks for reading everybody and I'll see you guys next week :D,

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