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Hero.EXE is a strategic action RPG focused on grid based combat, visual novel style decisions, and deck building. Explore the vast digital landscape of another world’s internet. Battle glitches and other pilots to become even stronger. Choose your partner wisely as you become part of the story.

It all starts with you and your Ava (Artificial Virtual Assistant). Each Ava has their own goals and it will be up to you on how to best manage and work with your Ava. You and your Ava must discover the secret origins of the server worlds and fight your way through an ever expanding conspiracy to discover the truth.

At its core Hero.EXE is a card collecting action RPG. It will be up to you on how to build your deck to best compliment your Ava. Each Ava has their own unique abilities that can be further customized within the game. Along with customizing your Ava you need to also manage your relationship with them. During the game you’ll be presented with choices and decisions and your Ava will take notice of each one. As you make decisions your Ava will gain effects representing their opinion of your choices.

  • Card collecting
  • Deck building
  • Character customization
  • Visual novel scenes
  • Story choices
  • Real time combat
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Attention Pilots! The Grid needs you!

Hero.EXE is now live on Kickstarter! We have a ton of exclusive physical rewards for all of our amazing fans! Pledge early to get access to the Early Bird rewards! If you can’t pledge please like and share to help us reach our goal!

Link: Kickstarter.com

We also have some exciting updates for the demo coinciding with the launch of our Kickstarter campaign!



+ New tutorial system

+ New event CG scenes

+ New intro video sequence for Valentine campaign

+ ‘Morale’ system overhaul

+ Voice acting content updated

+ Sound effect and system overhaul

- 'Message' system in POCIT disabled for demo while we flesh out content for it

- Reduced random encounter probability

+ Credits screen updated

+ Various bug fixes

Known Issues:

- Splash screen volume is louder than surrounding sequences.

- Possible slight lag/unresponsiveness when first launching the game.

- Fire particle sorting order is incorrect.


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Hero.EXE Alpha Demo 0.0.5

Hero.EXE Alpha Demo 0.0.5


0.5 Update for the Hero.EXE public alpha. New content including a boss, event CGs , and an overhauled sound and tutorial system added.

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