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Pilot a jumping tank through a maze of underground caverns and dungeons in search of new abilities you'll need to progress deeper into the levels. Each upgrade is hidden out of reach of your tank, and can only be obtained after exploring on foot. (This game is inspired by a certain NES game which I love) SPECIAL NOTE: 2 Free keys to anyone that agrees to make a youtube video of the game!

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Major MAJOR Save Glitch (Games : Helena The 3rd : Forum : Support : Major MAJOR Save Glitch) Locked
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Oct 15 2012 Anchor

So... I've reached level 2 of Helena the third- the crystal cave. And I've run into a major problem that has hampered my progress due to the level turning out to be quite lengthy.

I've been able to save at the very beginning of the level- but due to time constraints I keep attempting to save at different areas later in the level.

Thing is, every time I attempt to do this- regardless of where I am in the level... The save fails, and I'm transferred to a 'Left 2' level which has absolutely no features. I just fall forever into water.

Again, the save itself completely fails- forcing me to restart from the VERY BEGINNING OF THIS LONG LEVEL.

I was wondering if anyone else has run into this save glitch? Hopefully I'll be able to eventually find time to burn through level 2 in one sitting- which I haven't been able to yet. :\ (And then pray the glitch doesn't apply to the rest of the game-cause then that means I can only assume I'll never be able to finish it. :\ )

Nov 10 2012 Anchor

Going into a world of freefall isn't good, that's a bug.

But either way, a save only takes you back to the start of the level, so you can't get the functionality you're asking for, that's intended. It's a throwback to the difficulty of NES games.

If anyone else gets the falling into the abyss bug, could you let me know with a description of how you created the problem?


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