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Hectic Void + NEW Project


Update - 10/16/19:

This game has been through some major changes since it's previous update here on IndieDB. Let's recap.

First: Hectic was overhauled and is now titled: Hectic Void


The reason for this is simply because Hectic was at a very strange state. Personally I wasn't too proud of what it was. Due to these drastic changes, I know there are some who might've preferred the original Hectic. I do still have it archived and plan on releasing here for FREE at some given time. More news on that later.

Here's what Hectic Void features:

Hectic Void is essentially a perma-death game. Get as far as you can while earning better weapons and dealing with more enemies. If you die, it's game over.

Let's take a look at its trailer:

Second: Hectic Void Today:

Currently, Hectic Void had just received it's latest update (2.1.0) which adds more enemies, environments and an additional game mode (Arcade Mode) which gives the player every weapon in the game. It's available on Steam right now.

Third: Barlock Games' NEW Project:

While both Hectic Void and Malfunction haven't been receiving many frequent updates, the reason behind this is because I have been working hard on a new project.

Introducing: Barlock Squash!


Barlock Squash is a top-down 3D arcade shooter which features a simplistic art style and re-introduces familiar worlds with characters and enemies from prior titles created by Barlock Games. This game is a HUGE throwback to Barlock Games and it's history.

Hectic Void WILL be in Barlock Squash!

Currently there are no public builds for the game, but I will be launching one here very soon!

Be sure to follow the Barlock Squash IndieDB page!

Barlock Squash

Hectic 9.0 - Festival Grounds

Hectic 9.0 - Festival Grounds


Hectic is back with another update. Lots of new additions to this one! Check it out.

Hectic 8.5 - Maintenance Update

Hectic 8.5 - Maintenance Update


This article discusses the latest update to Hectic (8.5). Which mainly addresses several issues within the previous versions.

Hectic 7.0 + Hectic Demo

Hectic 7.0 + Hectic Demo


This update discusses the latest additions to Hectic 7.0 as well as a Hectic Demo that new players can give a try.

Hectic Steam release!

Hectic Steam release!


This article discusses the release of Hectic on Steam as well as the future of this page.

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(Original) Hectic - 1.0.2 FULL

(Original) Hectic - 1.0.2 FULL

Full Version

This is what was scrapped from Hectic Void. If you had previous saves (from Steam), they should load perfectly fine with this version.

Hectic 5.0

Hectic 5.0

Full Version

Hectic 5.0 includes many interesting features! View description for more info.

Hectic 4.0

Hectic 4.0

Full Version

Hectic 4.0 is a slight change to 3.0. Contains 3 stages, 5 levels per stage. Each final level has a boss. The more you progress, the more variety of weapons...

Hectic 3.0

Hectic 3.0

Full Version

Hectic 3.0 is a complete overhaul of previous Hectic versions. More details in decription.

Guest - - 699,408 comments

is there controller support?

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SkullDust99 Creator
SkullDust99 - - 239 comments

Unfortunately, not at this moment :(

Though I will consider it for the future!

Reply Good karma+3 votes
ceriux - - 1,514 comments

Good to see an update. Need to getback to work on my game!

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