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A free french shoot'em up with a sarcastic commentary, sadistic ennemy, upgrades, stuffs, and an hard game ! Arcade style is here ! And ready to play now. :3

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First step !

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Well, to introduce myself, I am not good in presentation. Neither spelling. And my english is bad. Excuse me :/. However, i can answer at any questions !

HATU is a french 2D shoot'em up arcade style, in an arena. For the record: You are a pilot in a small ship, with a robotic and insolent assistant, and your mission is to go up in levels (and kill bad guys), and to survive (and kill bad guys), in a nervous world. Oh, and of course : it's difficult. Sadistic and difficult.

But... that's all ?
Qué?! Well of course, your ship can be improved through your collection of points (after having ripped your prey) on 10 skills. And because they are nice, they can drop weapons and accessories which can blow up the field like Michael Bay's movies! However, beware of Boss.

How do this work ?
Keyboard + mouse. One for the movement, the other to aim.

Technically ?
This is my first video game, developed under the Java language and library LWJGL (OpenGL). The game is under GPL : open, free, naturalist, ect ... But given my "student"'s code and without documentation, it is difficult to understand this beauty... However, i am building a good version with its javadoc, in the near future. And I'm available for any questions :). However, beware of Boss.

And it will evolve like aliens and zombies?
Yep! I even have ideas. But this requires a lot of players who love this game and reviews :).

Last words
Try it!

Yeah, but ... how?
By clicking on the following link to download the latest version:

But but but! You do not have screens to show?

User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image

Abahbaaah bah!
Thank you and good game!
For any comments, questions, Chocapic, I'm listening;).

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HATU V1.00

HATU V1.00

Full Version

First step. First version. Ready to pwnd some pixels !

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