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Harmony of Dawn is a 3D Puzzle Adventure game. All of the environments, puzzles, and utilities to solve said puzzles are a fusion of music and nature. Enormous puzzle rooms which are actually the insides of guitar made of rock, wood, and roots strung by spider web silk, and other various instruments will be the center of our design, as you can see in our trailer. Please keep in mind we're only a team of two doing this in our spare time, so progress may be slow, but definite. Our story begins with our heroine, Helena setting forth on a journey to save her sister's life, and the citizens of her late father's country, Helena must use the power of her music and mind to break the Curses of the Fairy Queens. Harmony of Dawn features fantasy-based musical utilities that allow the player to navigate, solve, and survive the musically inspired trials and locations set before her in order to impress the four Lords of Nature. Their favor alone can restore her kingdom to the way it once was.

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Working on a new version


The game is currently under visual reconstruction! Regardless, we still welcome all constructive criticism on the visuals as to better narrow down things to improve.

We don't really have the budget to test and see what this game's system requirements are, so please post any issues you may have: installation, framerate, tearing, etc. The version we're currently working on runs significantly smoother both artistically and practically, so that build will becoming relatively soon!

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Harmony of Dawn Tutorial Demo 1.4

Harmony of Dawn Tutorial Demo 1.4


This is our post E3 build. We're currently unsure of how this works on various systems, so any and all feedback will be appreciated. We are also aware...

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