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Harmageddon: The Lost Isle is first DLC to Harmageddon. The Lost Isle takes player to the island of Rydegos, where he must stop the civil war - if he can.

New DLC including:
- 2 new heroes
- New storyline taking place on civil war of Rydegos
- New areas
- More conversation between player and NPCs
- Moving NPCs
+ more

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I have to indiegamestudios, one with my brother and other for games that I'm making only myself. Let's take a look what I released in 2012:

Harmageddon: Enhanced Editon + 3 DLCs
I originally released Harmageddon two years ago, but this year I finally got it ''ready''. The original game got lot of updates and fixes, and I also made three DLC-campaigns including civil war and zombies. I've been working with Harmageddon 2 also, but more info about it in future...

Rainy Day
I made this little game in July, when I got inspiration to make something different. It's really short, but I tried that it would make player think what he/she should do in that kind of situation. I'm glad that it got so much positive feedback.

City of the Dead
I wanted to make something when the world were supposed to end, so I made this. ''M
ake it like a day Z for the ones that doesnt have a computer with enough capacity to run day Z''

Other releases:
Pandemia: Doomed Xmas (standalone version of DLC-campaign that were included to Collectors Edition)
Dragonov3D (sourcecode for engine that is used in Pandemia-series)

Sadly, there were also few games that got cancelled.

Gario: Back In Action
It were close that I'd released this, but finally I decided to cancel it. Or do you think that world needs another Mario-clone?

Heil to the Dead
In fact, this just turned from FPSC-game to HL2-mod, but it changed so much that I don't think it's same game anymore.

Pandemia: ReBorn
This were supposed to be second DLC to Pandemia, but it has very weird bug so you can't shoot. I didn't found a way to fix it so I cancelled it.

Psychotic Snowman: Killing Xmas
''A game you recently added to Indie DB (Psychotic Snowman: Killing Xmas) has just been archived and will not be shown to Indie DB members. PLEASE DO NOT RE-ADD YOUR GAME AS IT WILL JUST BE ARCHIVED AGAIN. IF YOU DISAGREE WITH THIS DECISION READ ON AND REPLY TO THIS EMAIL AND WE SHALL HELP YOU''. Yeah...

And the let's take a look what's coming in 2013:

Pandemia 2 is coming for summer, other release dates will be informed later.

That's all! For now...
Happy New Year 2013!

PS: 10 of our games are now available in Softpedia!

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Harmageddon: Enhanced Edition

Harmageddon: Enhanced Edition

Full Version

Harmageddon: Enhanced Edition is full version of Harmageddon including 3 DLC's and lots and lots of fixes and improvements. This is final release of Harmageddon...

Harmageddon inc. 3 DLCs

Harmageddon inc. 3 DLCs

Full Version

Latest release of Harmageddon inc. The Lost Isle, Cave Explorer and Town of the Death.

Harmageddon inc. The Lost Isle & Cave Explorer

Harmageddon inc. The Lost Isle & Cave Explorer

Full Version

This download includes full version of Harmageddon and both DLCs, The Lost Isle and Cave Explorer.

Harmageddon inc. The Lost Isle DLC

Harmageddon inc. The Lost Isle DLC

Full Version

The first DLC to Harmageddon is now live! The Lost Isle takes you to the island of Rydegos, where you must stop civil war between trolls and humans. If...


look's great

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