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Hangeki is an arcade style shooter game that emphasizes the strategic use of multiple spectacular weapons. Customize your ship’s weapons and take on the alien invasion.

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Texture rendering corruption (Games : Hangeki : Forum : Support : Texture rendering corruption) Locked
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Sep 17 2013 Anchor

Textures pages are getting dumped to the screen, making the game entirely unplayable. This seems to happen on Intel HD 4000 series graphics, but we haven't had any luck yet in reproducing it. (We've tried Win8 with a 4000, and Win7 with a 3000)

For now I'm adding toggles to the settings file that will let you disable anything I think could be causing this.
The first update will have those settings and a few tweaks to window handling on Friday.

Alright, the patch is out. First off, just try running it again, some stuff is done differently on startup, it might work now. If not, then try hitting Alt-Enter at any point during the game, that'll switch to window mode. If neither of those work, I'll get into detail on the settings file and what can be turned off there.

Sep 25 2013 Anchor

I tried running it again, but still have the same problem. Alt-Enter didn't work either :(

By the way just so I know I'm using the correct version-it's v1.1394?

Sep 25 2013 Anchor

That's the original version, the update is version 1.14. Desura won't initiate the update automatically, but there should be a new icon near the Ready/Not Ready column. Clicking that will start the update.

Sep 26 2013 Anchor

Ok, I was downloading it directly through the store page and didn't have the option to get the new version. Installed it through the desura client this time and when I click properties it says Installed Version: Full(7195), Build 2

Still getting the same issue though, alt-enter didn't work either

Sep 26 2013 Anchor

Looks like we forgot to update the standalone version... It should be up to date now.

The game's settings file is located in


If that folder doesn't exist, then just create it. Make a file there called 'HangekiSettings.ini'

Paste the following into that file:

[Graphics Settings]

If the game still does not work, set the ResolutionEnabled line to 0.

Edited by: gwheel

Sep 30 2013 Anchor

Unfortunately, it still doesn't seem to be working

Sep 30 2013 Anchor

Alright, with the 1.15 update there's another setting, Alpha Testing. Try adding AlphaTest=0 to the end of the file.

Beyond that, when is the last time you've updated your drivers?

Oct 5 2013 Anchor

Tried it, and updated my drivers too.. Still not working though :(

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