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A "fiendishly difficult" puzzle game, inspired by ChuChu Rocket and Lemmings. Combining tile-dragging mechanics with fast furious action, Hairy Tales is a puzzle strategy game about the zany adventures of a group of not too bright folk spirits, as you help them puzzle out evil conundrums in their mission to save their tile-based world from sickening corruption.

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A fun and quirky tile-based puzzle game - the aim of the game is to assist these characters called "Hairy's" trying to save their world from corruption by moving their tile world around and directing them around the ever increasingly difficult levels!

I found it easy to pick up and play, especially as it guides you through the first few levels to get you started, but it gave me plenty to tax my brain as I progressed through the levels (of which there are 72 across 3 worlds); trying to work out how to beat some of the tricky ones is a blast! Whenever they throw something new at you there is a question-mark in the bottom corner you can click which gives a brief explanation of what you need to do, which is useful. At the end of every world there is a "boss" to face and beat - these are pretty tricky and you really need to think about how to beat them! I had this game originally when it first came out on my iPhone and I loved the look of it, but now I've had the chance to experience it in its full glory on on my far superior PC screen, it's even better! I also find the game experience a little better on the PC with the bigger screen making it far easier to grab tiles from the back of the screen which on the iPhone can sometimes be a little difficult on the tiny iPhone screen (plus the inherent inaccuracy of touch-screens adding to the issue). Of course what the iPhone does have on PC, is the play anywhere, any-time factor - you've always got your phone on you. But if you can't decide and you've got both options, it can't hurt to get both (it's not going to break the bank - I bet you'd pay more for a cup of coffee)!!

For some reason (and not that the games are at all similar) this takes me back to my hours spent trying to beat Bill's Tomato Game on my Amiga (who else remembers that?) - good times!


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Love this game, it's increasing in difficulty with every stage but I like the challenge very much. Wonderful graphics and sounds.


Slightly boring puzzler that's kind of flawed because it's not always easy to tell which way the scenery will send your man and that makes things have a bit of trial and error about them. It's also just a bit distancing, because you never really feel completely in control of the proceedings (which I realise is probably the point of the game but it's off putting nonetheless).


An amusing time-filler. Like the unique look of it. A bit too easy (-1). Unless you're trying to maximize score, the challenge is really low (-1). There are a lot of levels, but a number of them are just show-pieces that don't require any solving, and a number more use the same "trick" to solve as the ones that came before (-1). Several more are less puzzle than timing game (-1).


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