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What Would You Do If You were Hunted in The Safety of Your Own House ?

"Can You Hear Me?, Can You Feel Me? I'll Always Be Here, if you'll just Enlightened Me"

Its About 11 PM and its heavily Raining, And just woke up by your phone and you found a voicemail.

it didn't play, just some Unclear sounds,

Explore The House To find What Unreal Horror Within.

Try To Survive, Death is To A Way Out!

"While She Was Hurt She ran into The Darkness to Hide,

But The Darkness Didn't Help, As They Came From It"

Who was that man?

Do Not Trust him, Run Hide Die!

He Was Here. He Was Here. He Was Here.

"I Will Be Coming Back."

"And You'll Never See Me Coming"

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Introducing to OVERDOSE VR


Welcome To A New World. Welcome To The Future.

Introducing OVERDOSE.

OVERDOSE is an open VR platform for your Gaming PC Through you phone's screen

By Connecting it to your PC by a USB cable and Lunch the App You are good to go.

What do I need to Enjoy it?

If you are familiar with Google Cardboard or HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift its almost the same Thing.

1-Download our app for your Phone, windows, MAC or Linux

2- get Google Cardboard or make your own Here :


3- Connect your phone to your PC by a USB

4-Lunch the App and pic your VR Mode

5- Choose your game and play it on window mode

6- hit Simulate VR and Enjoy

What about Head Tracking ?

The OVERDOES app uses your phone camera and Gyroscope for navigation and its Fast. Why?

Because it dos not use the camera's full power, a 1080p at 30 is the maximum for tracking

and more that Enough.

Is It Free?

It Is Free And Always Will Be.

When It's gonna release ?

Soon, we Will make Our Own Kickstarter Campaign to fund it and make more game for it.

Great. What can i Do to be in touch ?

Just Follow us on Twitter That's It


Introducing OVERDOSE. VR

Introducing OVERDOSE. VR


Welcome to a New World. Welcome to The OVERDOSE VR.


Could you do a tutorial on how to connect the phone to the app using the VR app? I can't seem to make it work.

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yes, but for now it is still on prototype stage, so the app is not fully ready, we had some problems in the main coding but its getting better.
it might be ready in the next few months and i do need help.

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I sent you an email with further questions to this email address:

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