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Main Description

Are you tired of those easy, casual side scrolling games? Well Guppy's Quest is going to rock your world!

An evil unkown entity has taken over the land of SP and spread corruption all across the infinite plains! As they cannot reach for help, Guppy and his friends go on a quest to stop the source once and for all! Aside from having a main story mode, the game will have an overworld mode (with different planets as locations *WORK IN PROGRESS), and minigames! The main story mode has different obstacles and enemies that will annoy you on every act of the stage. The bosses will haunt you and deplete hours of your life, and MOCK your platforming skills! Too hard? Well, there are many different characters from which to choose! Every character (but Guppy) has their own special perk, or even more than one perk! Flight, high jumping, slow falling, strenght, speed, and way more are already in the game! The game also features bonus features like sound select, 2 player CO-OP, themes, and there is way more to be added. Also, online is an experimental work in progress! If you get the game as a beta, then you will automatically get updates and be informed on what changed. You can also partake in making maps, backgrounds, characters, textures, and resources for custom material in the game!

Progress since uploaded to greenlight

- Added Cinematic screen mode

- Added shading theme (changes to shaded graphics suitable to a different audience)

- Made a new track for level 5 (Level 5 does not have a name yet, but its a jungle)

- Added save files system (now the game will operate off of save data wherever possible!)

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Customizing Availability!


While the game is still in development, it is very easy for me to also incorporate your own things in my game! You can create things like characters, backgrounds, levels, tiles, and way more. An option to create custom characters can easily be done by going to games.mgflow58.com , and scrolling down to the Guppy's Quest Character Template. In that file, there are rows that all represent an action. Some rows will have more than 1 box, because those actions are animated. But actions like dead and idle are 1 frame. To create backgrounds, you can make a 320 * 240 file in Photoshop. To make maps however, you'd have to contact me. My email is octopus58@mgflow58.com !

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