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Introduction: Guns, Goats and Glory is a 2.5D bullet hell game. With a focus on fast paced action oriented gameplay. Taking place within many different humorous environments, from Gentosaurs jungles to Punguin glaciers. Guns, Goats and Glory is a mayhem fueled ride. The story so far: An evil mad scientist has torn apart reality and dimensions to try and steal the powers of the Cosmic Goats. In his path he captures and enslaves many species across many dimensions, where he keeps them trapped to experiment on. Through the chaos and confusion a simple robot frees a few of the prisoners. The freed prisoners must survive and fight through the dimensions to get revenge on the mad scientist. And so the adventure begins... Features: Bullethell - Featuring overwhelming numbers of enemy projectiles! Rouglike - Dungeon crawl through procedurally generated levels! Co-op - If you ask us, nothing beats a good ol' couch co-op!

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