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"When a horrible accident unleashes waves of gravitational force across the planet, it cracks the crust and sends floating land masses into the air. Guster; the son of man responsible, is charged with the task of setting things right." gShift is a first-person 2.5D puzzle platformer. 15 hours of gameplay. The challenge is to collect gravity bubbles and activate gateways at the end of each map to progress through the game. Eight key pieces are strewn throughout the primary areas, and you will utilize those pieces to fix the world. 99 total levels, 8 unique obstacles to overcome, and progressively more complicated levels.

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This game is amazing... and unfairly addicting... damn you gShift! =]

I... can't... stop playing this amazing game... Really it is cheaper than other videogames with less hours of fun :D


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i cant play it crap

Fun, charming mechanics, fluid movement. Gobs of content. Worth the money easily.


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