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Grimstar is a Real-time Strategy game. Build your base in a hostile environment, train your army, gather resources, defend your mining operations. The more you mine - the more hostile the alien environment will become. Your ultimate goal is to completely colonize the uncharted world.

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Play Test starts now on Steam, any Kind of Feedback is welcome!

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Starting Play test Next Week (10 January 2022)

At First I would like to say thank you for the feedback which i get after the Steam Next Fest in October last Year. I use this Feedback to change some points of the core gameplay:

Time Limit Removed

I have removed the time limit in all missions and have replace it thought waves which getting heavier and heavier.

Commander Unit is now a Hero Unit

Also the commander unit, which is the only unit which can summon new units, is now a Hero Unit which you can call every time if you have enough Resources.

More Enemies and Blood

I have also raise the number of enemies in each level, but each enemy have less power than before. I do this to Increase action of the game.

Play Test

I start a new Play test Next Week, to get more Feedback about the changes of the gameplay. The Play test is open to all players.

Any Kind of Feedback is welcome!

ScreenShoot 05 01 2022 11 58 54

ScreenShoot 05 01 2022 11 45 46

ScreenShoot 05 01 2022 11 53 53

ScreenShoot 05 01 2022 11 53 38

ScreenShoot 05 01 2022 11 58 36

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