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Grid Miner is a real-time strategy puzzle game where you mine asteroids to gather resources and expand your space station. Unlock new tools and utilities as you progress through levels. Maintain your quotas and learn more about your employer and coworkers at Hypergo Industries.


  • 18 unique buildings like power plants, asteroid crushers, tractor beams and more!
  • 10 levels to test your skills
  • Rich backstory about Hypergo Industries and its employees
  • Unlock rewards and new buildings as you progress through levels
  • Relaxing original soundtrack
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Grid Miner Release Date


A compact base in Grid Miner

After delaying the release date and doing a lot more work on the game, we have finally got to a mostly complete state. We recently published version 0.8 with many updates like a new mechanic, achievements, video tutorials, and new levels.

Future game updates leading to version 1.0 will be more about polishing, balancing, and adding translations to the game.

Also, this week, Steam has approved Grid Miner. The launch date is set for May 3, 2022! You can add the game to your wishlist to get a notification when its out.

Screenshot 00028

If you still haven't watched the new game trailer, here it is:

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