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Greypage is a dark, melancholic indie puzzle game. In 1955, a woman disappeared, leaving no trace as to who took her. Until now. A strange book has turned up, full of complex artworks and writing, suggesting that by reading the book she was transported into a world of nightmares, with no hope of escape. As you read through the grey, torn pages, you too wake up in darkness, in fear, with no clue how to get out. Maybe the only way to get out is to find the woman who had disappeared, dive into her past and hope for answers... Greypage is still in alpha stage, so do not expect any downloadable content just yet. When it does come out it will be free to play, and available for PC and maybe android later on, it will provide complex puzzles that will trick you and mislead you, all while you try to navigate this dark world, avoiding traps and the creatures that lurk in the dark. Thankyou for your interest in the development of this game, more updates will be on the way shortly...


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