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Gray Zone is a story-driven tactical RTS game with stealth elements. It's an odyssey of a slave who turned against his masters, set in our galaxy hundreds of years from now. Expect memorable characters, fun dialogs and lots of action!

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Characters: Anika (view original)

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Anika was born on planet Korath at the beginning of the 3rd era. As she was growing up, she found an interest in the local mining industry. She graduated at the local mining university as a mining engineer and got a job at a mining company under Union administrative. She took her job seriously and climbed up the ranks pretty fast.

She was assigned a Tridium mining automatization project. During one inspection of an excavator prototype, the machine malfunctioned causing an electromagnetic discharge that killed everyone in its vicinity except Anika. Discharge hit her so hard that her spirit jumped from her body into a nearby Tridium crystal. She became a 'Tridium ghost'. Too bad for her that the shaft was closed for safety reasons and the automatization project closed. She was imprisoned there for dozens of years which had a bad impact on her sanity.

Valern's father found the crystal by a coincidence when mining the very same place after it got reopened. Before he died, he gave the crystal to Valern who discovered Anika to be inside the crystal for his whole life.

Anika lacks any physical form and only the wearer of the crystal can see and hear her. Her shape is glitchy and inconsistent. She is honest, chatty and optimistic in her spirit and also very intelligent. On the other hand, she is mad and emotional.

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