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Gravastar is a sci-fi fantasy JRPG (Japanese-style Role Playing Game) for PC and consoles that combines a traditional JRPG aesthetic with a unique and fast-paced, turn-based battle system inspired by 2D arcade fighting games. The battle system in Gravastar is set apart from traditional turn-based JRPGs by its real-time button-combo input system. Alter the flow of battle, master your character's movesets, build enormous combos, and string together chains to dispatch your foes.

You are Baird, an orphan boy on the exoplanet Aethera, who has just violently discovered that he is a Spectre, a rare being with power tied to the stars. Begin your quest, meet companions, and learn to harness the power of the stars on your journey to save Aethera from a fanatic zealot, hell-bent on plunging the Universe into darkness. Only then, can you truly fulfill your destiny.

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Field Skills

We want to create a dynamic game where the player feels they do more than just run around, collect things, complete quests, and fight enemies. Although those can make for an excellent JRPG we are looking for a bit more.

This week we started looking into field skills that the player can use while exploring the overworld. Each character will have a specialized field skill. For example, Baird can throw his weapon to stun enemies and either run past them or gain a surprise advantage in battle. We are also discussing the idea of having it simply kill overworld enemies if they are a much lower level than the party so the player doesn't have to fight extremely low level enemies if they don't want to. Of course, we plan on having these enemies run from Baird but chasing them down might be a satisfying experience.

Other fields skills we're looking into involve solving puzzles, hacking terminals, crashing through walls, unsealing magic areas, and clearing obstacles. These are all still very early discussions but they open up a lot of ideas to make the game more enjoyable.

Baird field skill

Baird's field skill is in its initial testing phase so none of the animation is complete yet but it feels like a great way to interact in the overworld besides just running around and jumping.

Developer Update: A New Year

Developer Update: A New Year


Dev update: It's a new year and a new blog for Gravastar.

Announcing the Studio Atma Gravastar dev blog

Announcing the Studio Atma Gravastar dev blog


Studio Atma will semi-regularly publish articles relating to the development work being done on Gravastar.

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