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Golemizer is a 2D web MMORPG where players are set in the role of mad scientists creating monsters. Golemizer offers many opportunities to players to unleash their imagination like building dungeons, creating their own quests, building their houses and managing their own city.

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The long awaited golem Bedside-Manner has been introduced in the world of Golemizer. This golem designed by player Gidamere was the winner of the Design a golem competition that took place for the first anniversary of Golemizer.


Furniture Golems were invented about 40 years ago by a man named Grandpa Flinn. In those days he just went by "Flinn". Like Grandpa Flinn, other names were different at that time too. This is when "Wolves Path" got it's name.

Never before was it much of a challenge to harvest the fine quality timber found in the woods just a little west of the Sheriff and the Lupini Prison. But now Flinn found himself chased out of his favored woods, at every attempt to enter, by ferocious wolves. A wood-cutter by trade but a crafty tinkerer at heart, Flinn spent many days trying to come up with a way to deal with this new challenge. Flinn devised to construct a golem to help him fend off the canine beasts. But wait! What would he make it from? Iron was expensive and he was no smith anyway. To hire a smith to make the parts was even further beyond Flinn's monetary capabilities (especially with the recent infestation of the forest now starting to be called "Wolves Path"). Flinn paced and searched around his wood crafting shop, sighting little anything of real use for his plan. Many small chests and boxes were emptied in search of acceptable materials. Getting a little frustrated with his predicament, Flinn kicked his bedside table *OUCH* that hurt! While hopping about on one foot and clutching the other, hey, thought Flinn, maybe I can use that bedside table to make a golem. It certainly was hard enough! I know! I'll make a golem to not only help with pummeling a few wolves but also to help carry back some of the cut trees. As it turns out the golem was better at getting gnawed on by the wolves than it was a bashing them. But at least it provided some distraction while Flinn was busy with the trees. The little golem did make the return trip with a few reanimations remaining. With a fresh load off wood and invigorated about his invention, Flinn set about perfecting his new golem breed.


Not well designed for combat, Furniturework Golems have a generally poor bonus attack maximum (5), relatively low damage and the lowest Speed statistic in the game. They make up for this lack of combat prowess with their sturdy construction (HP) and utilitarian design (Storage Capacity). That's right! Furniture Golems have the unique property of being able to store items. The amount able to be stored depends on the type and size of golem.


This most basic of the Furniture Golems was designed to accompany travelers on short gathering and/or transport missions. Bedside-Manner golems can meagerly engage in combat, boasting the worst attack and damage capacity of any golem (excluding those without combat abilities: Clockwork Diggers, Steam Moles and Clockwork Dogs).
Hopping is the means of locomotion for this golem - provided by the spring-mounted, four-toed wooden foot that is affixed directly under the golem's Bedside Table Torso. The golem's vision is focused through a single ruby that has been manufactured into two smaller "Infra-Red Eye Mountings [iREM]", attached to the golem's small chest head. It is rumored that these iREM devices may cause wild visions and sensations when the Furniture Golem is placed in storage (Golem dreams? Could it be?).


Talk to the carpenter trainer at the Dock.


HP: 15 / 60
Speed: 1000 / 850
Bonus damages: (base 1) 4
Bonus attack: 0
Regeneration: 0
Regeneration interval: 0
Storage Capacity: 6
Type: Mechanic
Damage Type: Bludgeoning


Piercing: 0%
Slashing: 0%
Bludgeoning: 0%
Steam: 0%
Corrosive: 0%
Heat: 0%
Electricity: 0%
Radiation: 0%


Piercing: 0 /15
Slashing: 0 / 15
Bludgeoning: 0 /15
Steam: 0 /15
Corrosive: 0 /15
Heat: -20 / -5
Electricity: 0 /15
Radiation: 0 /15


Engineer (apprentice) (skill listed as engineer) and Carpenter (apprentice).


300 Time points


  • Gear x2
  • Spring x6
  • Copper Pipe x2
  • Small Chest
  • Bedside Table (minimum quality level 2)
  • Ruby
  • Small Wood Module x2 (minimum quality level 2)

Not impressed from those images. The graphics are mediocre at best, and the mapping could be better still. This needs a total revamp before I would play it, but I like the idea. stick with it.

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Additionally, some of these are player-made. This game has a great community, and players, for the most part, rule and control the game!

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It really is a great game. Don't always base things on graphics. Graphics = should be last on the list of things to care about. Game Play = should be placed first.

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